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No.35 – composed 16-31-Mar-2012 – This problem is my joint problem with Petko A. Petkov, the 3rd KoBul Kings problem I had for KoBulChess-TT-2012. I have a feeling I’d never finish it without Mr.Petkov, and of course there’re more of his efforts and his ideas I just tried to implement. This problem was a good training for me and also it has taken a longest time to compare with 3 others I had for that Tourney. Although, I tried it, and  switched to some other ideas, and than came back to it again. And really have finished 2 other problems (No.34 and No.36) while this one was waiting. I believed it more and more that Locusts are amazing pieces! (This problem is already shown on the site in my Thematic issue Ideas with KoBul Kings)

99785 /

Julia Vysotska &
Petko A. Petkov

KoBulChess TT 2012, AWARD-April-2012
3rd Prize

h#2,5      2 solutions        6+7
KoBul Kings
Royal Piece LEg3 
Rook locust d8; Bishop locust g8 
LEOs: b1, g3 


(I) 1…LEd3 + 2.rLExd3 [wrK=rLE] rLEd7 3.rLEd6 rLExa7 [brLE=rK] #

(II) 1…LEb3 + 2.rLExb3 [wrK=rLE] rLEf7 3.rLEe6 rLExf3 [brLE=rK] #

Activity of the both KoBul Kings:
– Sacrifice of the white LE to the black Royal LE changes the phase of the white King to rLE, then is created a WHITE BLACK Bristol LEO – LEO!
– Battery play (direct and indirect) with the white King in LE phase with the simultaneous capturing of the black pawn for changing the phase of the black King from rLE to K and controlling the squares of the black King.

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Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
November 3, 2012 14:43

Dear Julia, You should include also the name of Petko Petkov above the diagram of this excellent problem, because he is a co-author as you noted yourself.

Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
September 29, 2015 11:33
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