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No.43 – finished 28-May-2012 – I like this one! – Captures by the neutral Locusts in all moves! This problem also can be seen by No.21 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com. Twins is the only upsetting thing for me here… 

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Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.21

h#2      b) Pf2?d7   (4+6+2n)
Locusts: f5, g5


a) 1.nLf5*f4-f3 nLf3*e4-d5 2.nLg5*d5-c5 nLc5*f2-g1 #

b) 1.nLg5*f4-e3 nLe3*e4-e5 2.nLf5*e5-d5 nLd5*d7-d8 #

Half-battery play. Captures by the neutral Locusts in all moves! Annihilation of 2 pawns with line opening, generic levitra free shipping Zilahi, model mates.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
July 18, 2015 06:39