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No.48 – finished 20-Jun-2012 – Dentist theme and my lovely play of pairs of pieces with interchange of function:  black Ra6/Rf1 and white Sf7/Sg6.  This problem also can be seen by No.28 in Original Problems of julasfairies.com.  

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Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.28
Dedicated to all authors, visitors and commentators of this site!

hs#3*                              (7+6)


Seplay: 1…Ra6-a5 + 2.Sf7-g5 Rf1-f7 3.Sg6-e7 + Rf7xe7 #

1.Bh4-g5 Rf1-h1 + 2.Sg6-h4 Ra6-g6 3.Sf7-d6 + Rg6xd6 #

1… Rxf7? 2.Se7+ Rxe7+ 3.Kg5!
1.Bg5 Rxg6? 2.Sd6+ Rxd6+ 3.Kh4!

Dentist-theme with preliminary line openings by the both white S. Umnov-theme: the black Rooks occupy the squares left by the white Ss. Self-pins of white Ss. Interchange of function between two duos of pieces: black Ra6/Rf1 and white Sf7/Sg6. Key move, which de-blocks a square and blocks other square.

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Bartel Erich
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