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No.50 – finished 02-Jul-2012 – This problem is one of 3 problems (No.50,51,52 here) I’ve shown in Original Problems of julasfairies.com – No.36,37,38  naming them А variation of Bi-color Bristol-theme in combination with Dentist-motives and Umnov. The variations of Bristol-clearances: No.50 (this one) – White-Black; No.51  – Black-White; No.52 – White-Black in set-play, then Black-White in real solution.  

99906 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’sFairies – 2012, No.36

hs#3        b) pb7->d5      (6+6)
Chameleons: Bb4, Bc5, Qd4


a) 1.cQd4-e3=cS cBc5-d4=cR 2.cBb4-e7=cR + Kf7-g8 3.cSe3-d5=cB + cRd4*d5=cQ #

b) 1.cQd4-f2=cS cBc5-e3=cR 2.cBb4-f8=cR + Kf7-e6 3.cSf2-h3=cB + cRe3*h3=cQ #

Bristol, Dentist, Umnov

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