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No.59 – end of Jul-2012 – This problems was composed for the project IGRA.lv. (“igra” in Russian = game). This is not about chess at all! Commands, who participate in the game, have to do many very different things. This time a pre-game to get the additional bonus was to solve a fairy problem! So, the problem is not too complicated. I’ve also written a post about it in summer.


Julia Vysotska

IGRA.LV – 03-aug-2012

h#2        2 solutions       (4+5)
Lions: d1, h1


Set-play:   I. 1.Qh5*d1 LIh1-a8 2.Qd1-d4 Kc7-b7 #  

Real play: II. 1.Qh5*h1 LId1-d8 2.Qh1-e4 Kc7-d7 #

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
July 31, 2015 11:29