Originals 010514

Originals 010514


1st of May, 2014:

The first day of informal tournament JF-2014/II! Warm welcome to the authors and the judge! Good luck to everybody in this period!

Two problems of today with a very rich content:

  • (01.05) No.539 – Vlaicu Crișan – Proca Retractor which by author’s words might be one of the most difficult Proca Retractors Circe Assassin he has composed!
  • (01.05) No.538 – Petko A. Petkov – A non-standard Disparate #2 showing author’s favorite theme in the genre Disparate-promotions!

dominika-daniela-chessToday the weather in Riga was cold and rainy, and while I was busy with a site, preparing publications and trying to understand the problems, my daughters have got even more complicated position! (Dominika, 6 years (left), Daniela, 9,5 years (right))

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of  Original Problems menu on the top. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2014(II)Dmitri Turevski. The judge for Retro and PG problems 2013 – 2014Hans Gruber. 

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May 2, 2014 16:25

Lovely photo! So deeply involved in analysing the position, unwilling to risk moving heavy pieces !!

Dmitri Turevski
Dmitri Turevski
May 2, 2014 18:04

Dmitri Jr. and Alex play the game of international draughts (on the flipped and rotated backgammon board).

eugene rosner
eugene rosner
May 3, 2014 00:09

they sure like to push their pawns!

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