Originals 10-181014

Originals 10-181014


10-18th of October, 2014:

  • (18.10) No.627 – Sébastien Luce – Valladao theme in Symmetry Circe!
  • (18.10) No.626 – Pierre Tritten – Continuation of the theme ”one neutral Royal piece on the board”. It is also a Happy Birthday problem for Sébastien Luce! Congratulations!
  • (17.10) No.625 – Peter Harris – White has only two Roses, but how much dynamic they are! My gratitude to Peter for the dedication to my girls, Daniela Dominika!
  • (14.10) No.624 – Peter Harris – Two solutions with promotions into all figures and quite different mating pictures. A problem inspired by S.K. Balasubramanian‘s comments to No.621 with a special dedication!
  • (13.10) No.623 – Gani Ganapathi – Nice thematic sacrifices of the black S!
  • (12.10) No.622 – Ladislav Packa – Short, but interesting idea showing Disparate condition in PG problem!
  • (12.10) No.621 – Sébastien Luce – A problem inspired by No.620 – Just one royal piece on the board and serial mate in two phases!
  • (11.10) No.620 – Peter Harris – The only neutral Royal piece is on the board! How it can be mated?
  • (11.10) No.619 – Klaus Wenda – Proca retractor with a rich content! 
  • (10.10) No.618 – Krassimir Gandev – A very seldom fairy piece Bob in a help-selfmate!

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of  Original Problems menu on the top. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2014(III) – Kjell Widlert. The judge for Retro and PG problems 2013 – 2014Hans Gruber. 

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