Originals 13-261118

Originals 13-261118


Original Problems


13-26th of November, 2018

  • (26.11) No.1348 – Ivan Skoba (ser-#6/ser-=6 ; Neutral piece, Royal Rose-Lion ; Madrasi). Time waiting with neutral Pawns and Madrasi condition… (Author)
  • (23.11) No.1347 – Vitaly Medintsev (hs#8). Two critical maneuvers over the same square d5 with anti-Bristol and Bristol effects (only last 7 moves tested).
  • (22.11) No.1346 – Hubert Gockel (h#2, SuperGuards, Neutral pieces). “The curiosity is that only neutral Pawns (in contrast to S,B,R,Q) can capture and check in Superguards.” (Author)
  • (20.11) No.1345 – Paul Rãican (PG 9 #Color, Einstein). “#Color Chess was first time described by Andrey Frolkin in feenschach 212/2015. The genre was implemented by Francois Labelle in Jacobi.” (Author)
  • (15.11) No.1344 – Vladislav Nefyodov (h#3 ; NAO, Rook-Lion). “An idea of exchange of places with antidual tries” (Author)
  • (13.11) No.1343 – Julia Vysotska (hs#3.5 ; Half-neutral pieces). In 2 phases: the same half-neutral piece makes 4 moves on its orthogonal/diagonal; gives check + switchback mate.

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top.
The  judge of JF-2018/II: Kjell Widlert. The judge of Retro & PG problems 2017-2018: Dirk Borst.

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