Originals December 2023

Originals December 2023

JF Original Problems | December, 2023

The judge of JF-2023: K. Seetharaman
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2023-2024: Thierry Le Gleuher

JF’s waiting list:
Daniel Papack, Vlaicu Crișan & Klaus Wenda

I would like to remind that I give a priority to the problems I can publish faster, so please consider either using the submission form or to provide all required information in your email sending.

Conflictio No.49 (28.12.2023) by Juraj Lörinc is added to Articles page.

  • (30.12) No.1796 (-4 & #1 Pacific Retractor) – N.Shankar Ram. “A belated dedication to Vlaicu, for his 50th birthday on 26-Aug-23. ” (Author). The solution for animation is written by Shankar, before I never had Retractors animated!
  • (30.12) No.1795 (h#3.5 ; Masand) – Oleg Paradzinskij. Just 4 pieces, enjoy solving!
  • (30.12) No.1794 (ser-!#8 ; Breton Adverse) – Gunter Jordan. “Excelsior, minor promotion, change of function…” (Author)
  • (30.12) No.1793 (#3 ; Camel, Fers, Wazir) – Zach Smith. “Zach Smith is a Short Fiction Writer and Chess Composer from Pennsylvania.” (Author). Welcome to Zach in Original problems section of JF!
  • (30.12) No.1792 (ser-h=31 ; Circe) – Paul Rãican. “This is a correction of a cooked problem sent to Heinonen MT, fairy section” (Author)
  • (22.12) No.1791 (s#10 ; PWC) – Sergey Smotrov. “Berlin Theme.” (Author)
  • (22.12) No.1790 (#2 ; LEO, PAO, VAO, NAO) – Brian D. Stephenson & Jacques Rotenberg. “… 3 black moves on the same square” (Authors)
  • (22.12) No.1789 (#2 ; Nightrider, Grasshopper ; Antipodean Circe) – Michael Barth. “Ukrainian cycle, Zagoruiko” (Author)
  • (22.12) No.1788 (ser-hs=10) – Gábor Tar. A long series to remove single obstacle.

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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