Originals February 2022

Originals February 2022

JF Original Problems | February, 2022

The judge of JF-2022/I: Vlaicu Crişan
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: Thomas Brand

Coming soon: nobody in the waiting list. Next originals will be published starting the 2nd week of March.

  • (26.02.) No.1694 (h==15.5 ; Haaner Chess, ABC for white, ABC inverse for black) – Sébastien Luce (France). This problem was initially published on the same page with No.1690 as variation of the theme. But moved to be presented as a separate original problem by author’s request.
  • (28.02) No.1693 (h=8) – Ya’aqov Mintz (Israel) & Hans Gruber (Germany). “Black Allumwandlung, white Excelsior.” (Authors). Warm welcome to Hans!
  • (28.02) No.1684.1 (h=2 ; legality / shadow solution?) – János Csák & Béla Majoros (Hungary). Authors say that the new version fixes the bug in No.1684.
  • (28.02) No.1692 (ser-s#8 ; Anti-Circe) – Gábor Tar (Hungary).
  • (27.02) No.1691 (ser-h#10 ; Camel, Rose, Ibis) – Manfred Rittirsch (Germany). “Cyclic change of fairy promotions.”
    Dedicated to Petko A. Petkov for his 80th birthday

  • (26.02.) No.1690 (h==14.5 ; Haaner Chess, ABC for white, ABC inverse for black) – Sébastien Luce (France).

I would gladly publish your problems partly featuring JF10JT theme (not included into the tournament because of number of pieces or fairy element used), but after May 15th, when the Award of JF10JT is published.
Thank you for your understanding!

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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Sébastien Luce
Sébastien Luce
March 1, 2022 22:31

I precise that diag.1690A is not “a version” of 1690 but another original with a different position and solution, “in connexion” with diag.1690

Please Julia, Could you correct it ?

Sebastien Luce
Sebastien Luce
March 2, 2022 15:13
Reply to  Julia

Dear Julia, thank you for your comment, also to quote diag.1610 & 1610A.

In my opinion, these two interesting problems are more “variations on the same theme” than “versions” (the final mates are not exactly the same and they have different matrix).

In the case of 1690 & 1690A it is approximately the same. It could be named “variations on the same theme” (here, homebase symetrical positions but with different solutions).

Always in my opinion, in this particular case the problems of this kind are different enough to be publish on different pages.
(by the way I am more interested in the “good presentation” of my problems than in prizes ! 🙂)

It could be interesting to know the opinion of the other readers of JF !

Kind regards to all

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