JF Original Problems | January, 2022

The judge of JF-2022/I: Vlaicu Crişan. The 3rd time judging JF tournaments, after JF-2014-I (Award) and the recent retro JF-R2019-20 (Award). A very positive and helpful person, a very experienced judge I’m glad to welcome on JF again! 

The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: Thomas Brand.

Coming soon: János Mikitovics (Hungary), János Csák & Béla Majoros (Hungary), Kenneth Solja (Finland), Chris Feather (England), Armin Geister & Daniel Papack (Germany)

  • (19.01) No.1683 (h=3 ; PAO ; ChecklessChess) Ľuboš Kekely (Slovakia). “Model pin stalemates.” (Author)
  • (17.01) No.1551.4 (Ser-S#23 ; Circe Rex Inclusiv) Dirk Borst (Netherlands). Accepted by Hans Gruber, the judge of JF-2020/II, as the award is not completed yet. “This 4th correction is dedicated to Arno in gratitude of his help.” (Author)
  • (15.01) No.1682 (#6 ; Rokagogo) Andrew Buchanan (Singapore) & James Malcom (USA). “This composition is intended as an economy record for the Rokagogo/Staugaard excelsior. If someone can produce the same effect with lighter material, we would be very pleased to see it.” (Authors)
  • (15.01) No.1681 (hs#3.5 ; LEO, PAO, VAO, NAO) Igor Kochulov (Russia).
  • (15.01) No.1680 (h++1* ; Circe Couscous, Promotion before rebirth) Joost de Heer (Netherlands). An improvement of No.1607 (previous period, but not included in the Award JF-2021/I). “No idea why I didn’t see that when I composed 1607.” (Author)
  • (15.01) First of all, I’d like to include into this tournament the problem No.1630 (#3 ;  Equileaper, Wazir, Zebra, Right Zebra ; Diagram Circe, Black must capture) by Shankar Ram, originally belonging to JF-2021/II , which was later accepted by Shankar to judge.

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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