Originals June 2021

Originals June 2021

JF Original Problems | June 2021

The judge of JF-2021-I: Ofer Comay.
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: not appointed  

  • (22.06) No.1627 (PG 18 ; Dummy pawn promotion) James Malcom (USA). If can be considered as computer tested?
  • (22.06) No.1626 (hs#3 ; VAO, PAO) Ognian Dimitrov (Bulgaria).
  • (22.06) No.1625 (hs#10) Torsten Linß (Germany). “… because Ofer announced an “orthodox” section for his award…” (Author)
  • (22.06) No.1624 (ser-h#14 ; Kangaroo) Sébastien Luce (France). “Inspirated by the 1614, dedicated to Ognian DIMITROV.” (Author)
  • (20.06) No.1623 (#2 ; Masand) Ilija Serafimović (Serbia). After meeting Ilija (soon 17) as solver and composer on ECSC and WCCC meetings I’m glad to welcome him on JF as well! Finally 🙂
  • (12.06) No.1622 (hs#2) Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia). “Apparently for the first time in orthodox hs#2….” (Author)
  • (12.06) No.1621 (s=74) James Malcom (USA). Warm welcome to James – a very young (17) composer with a very long problem!
  • (12.06) No.1620 (hs#5 ; Chameleon) Ognian Dimitrov (Bulgaria).

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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