Originals May 2021 (2)

Originals May 2021 (2)

JF Original Problems | May 2021 (2)

The judge of JF-2021-I: Ofer Comay.
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: not appointed  

  • (31.05) No.1619 (h!#19) Gunter Jordan (Germany). The fairy essence comes at the end.
  • (31.05) No.1618 (hs#4 ; Antineuköko) Maryan Kerhuel (France) & Jacques Rotenberg (Israel). Some better English version of the Antineuköko definition, please? Warm welcome to Maryan! (JV)
  • (31.05) No.1617 (SPG 13 ; Staugaard castling) Michel Caillaud (France). Dedicated to James MALCOM & Andrew BUCHANAN.
  • (30.05) No.1616 (hs#2.5 ; Nightrider) Marjan Kovačević (Serbia). “Logical hs# with two preparatory steps. “ (M.K.).
  • (30.05) No.1615 (SPG 13.5 ; Staugaard castling) Andrew Buchanan (Singapore) & Michel Caillaud (France). “Conrad Staugaard (see the biography) invented the condition later termed Pam-Krabbe. He seems to have been a funny and kind figure: like a Danish Lewis Carroll, but a socially-aware entrepreneur. He deserves to be commemorated with his condition….” (A.B.)

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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shankar ram
shankar ram
May 30, 2021 18:14

The comments seem to be disabled for 1615 and 1616?

shankar ram
shankar ram
June 1, 2021 02:24

Any unit standing adjacent to an occupied square may not move to finish adjacent to an occupied square, and any unit not standing adjacent to an occupied square may only move to finish adjacent to an occupied square. An attacked King will only be in check if its capture would be allowed under those conditions.

Jacques Rotenberg
Jacques Rotenberg
June 1, 2021 11:40

Also possible :
“Antineuköko :
Let’s call a “mirror piece” a piece standing on a square with all the adjacent squares (max. 8) empty.  
a mirror piece must be non-mirror after its move and a non-mirror piece must be mirror after its move. Other moves are illegal. “
some people may think “adjacent” is just for the 4 squares on the sides, so to be clear I added (max.8)

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