Julia's Fairies

No.799 (LP&JL)


Ladislav Packa & Juraj Lörinc


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.799 by Ladislav Packa & Juraj Lörinc – Cyclic change of functions, using Magic Squares! (JV)


Magic Square: If a piece (excluding Kings) moves on a Magic Square – it changes its color.

Nightrider(N): (1,2) Rider. Operates along straight lines with squares lying a Knight’s move away from each other.

No.799 Ladislav Packa &
Juraj Lörinc


original – 09.05.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Kd1 Nc2 Nd7 Bc1 Bd5 Re1 Re3 Qe2 Pf2 Pg4 Ph5 Black Kg5 Pb6 Pf3 Ph2

hs#3         zeroposition        (11+4)
a) Pf3→c3; b) Kg5→g2; c) Kg5→b1
Magic Squares e6
Nightriders: c2, d7

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Petko Petkov
Petko Petkov
May 10, 2015 22:16

No.799 Ladislav Packa & Juraj Lörinc
At first sight – an interesting work. But de facto – a not new idea to use the magic square for creation of a battery-cycle in HS#3. Compare for example, with Juraj Lorinc – Feenschach, 63rd TT 2011, 1st Honourable Mention: HS#3 (3 solutions) White: Kh3, Qa6 ,Re8, Rh6, Be2, Na3, Pd7, Pe4 Pf6, Ph4 (10); Black: Kf7, Rc2 Sh1, Pe6, Ph5 (5) , Magic square c4, Nightrider a3; solutions: I.1.Bc4(b) A Bd3 2.Qc4(b) B Qc3 3.Nb5+ B×b5# ( by the by bSh1 is a superfluous piece in this phase) ; II. 1.Qc4(b) B Qd5 2.Nc4(b) C Nb6 3.B×h5+ Q×h5#; III. 1.Nc4(b) C Ng2 2.Bc4(b) A Bf1 3.Q×e6+ N×e6#.
Through use of an other thematic piece here – R instead of a Q, N 799 in my opinion is not quite original and seems probably as a “step backward” than the old problem of Lorinc. Here we have “0 position” and not thematic play of white R/B battery in solution a) but in other solutions there are not such additional battery elements…

Juraj Lörinc
May 12, 2015 00:40
Reply to  Petko Petkov

Thank you, Petko, for your comment.

This hs# magic squares idea is somehow plagued by various defects. I had the idea to use magic square(s) for hs# after I had seen the announcement of the above mentioned 63rd TT feenschach. After trying a few thematical complexes I have decided to pursue the idea of cyclic white play to the same magic square, with creation of black batteries. At that time I have found two very different schemes and managed to turn one of them into the mentioned HM problem. Yes, Sh1 is superfluous in one phase, but still the overall position seemed acceptable to me.

The other scheme is still unfinished in my files, as it seems prone to the same defect – unused black officer(s) in more-or-less correct positions.

The 799 (scheme constructed by Laco) has easily seen defect – zero position – and one more hidden, still spotted by Petko – 2x check by Q, 1x check by white battery. Obviously, I am more troubled by the zero position, but it seemed to me that with wealth of potential improvers someone might be able to dispose of zero position. We will see. New element of 799 are double-check-mates in all phases and I like also the fact that bK is checked in critical position on different squares.

Anyway, if there is anyone interested in attacking my unpublished scheme with a view to finish it in the flawless form (black and white officers active in all phases, no zeroposition), just write me to my e-mail juraj.lorinc at gmail.

Mike Neumeier
Mike Neumeier
May 11, 2015 13:41

Julia, the inscription above definition has incorrect number 798, which should be 799.

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