Site Updates-020713

Site Updates-020713


Updates as of 02th of July, 2013:

  • (02.07) No.344 – Pierre Tritten & S. K. Balasubramanian – Non-standard combination of AUW and Albinothemes in 4 solutions!
  • (02.07) No.343 – Vlaicu Crișan & Klaus Wenda – Complicated strategy is demonstrated in a joint problem by two big masters of modern composition – already well-known at Julia’s Fairies Vlaicu Crișan and Austrian GM dr. Klaus Wenda!
  • (02.07) Fairings 32 – Chris Feather – I’m happy to tell you, that thanks to the help of Stephen Emmerson we can see the new issue of Fairings! It is also added to the Articles page.

Now there are three sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) with all problems of January-April, 2013; Julia’sFairies-2013(II) will contain problems of May-August, 2013. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(II)Diyan Kostadinov

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