Site Updates-021112

Site Updates-021112

Updates as of 30.Oct-02.Nov, 2012:

Isn’t it a week of Superguards-problems? 🙂

  • (02.11) See one more nice composition with superguards by C.G.S.Narayanan – No.161 ! Gratitude to the author!
  • (31.10) I’m happy to show you one more superguards original problem! I believe, it will be very useful for those, who are going to participate in the Superguards Tourney. Thanks a lot to the great Master, Petko A. Petkov! And enjoy a Meredith problem – No.160 !
  • (30.10) Welcome to India’s leading composer – C.G.S.Narayanan! See the first superguards problem published anywhere (not counting the examples in Tourney announcement) – No.159 !
  • Superguards Tourney and the announcement by A.P.I. about new closing date for Enzo Minerva-50 JT 2012 are added to the Tourneys section.
  • Also, I’ve added a page with tourneys’ results available from the top of the Tourneys page. There’re just a few results for now. But hopefully, will be more soon!  
  • (31.10) I’ve added 2 more of my published problems, h# with Mao/Moa again, which are like a series of problems together with recently shown No.30:
    No.31 – MAO, soma MOA, Locust, Lions pieces;
    No.32 – MAO, MOA, PAO, VAO pieces. 

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