Updates as of 23rd-24th of August, 2013:

  • (24.08) No.361 – Juraj Lörinc –  A complicated s#6 with interesting Kobul Kings motives!
  • (24.08) No.359, 360 – Pierre Tritten – A very nice Take&Make strategy in Meredith form & Cyclic Zilahi with a perfect white economy!
  • (24.08) A new issue – Fairings No.33 – by Chris Feather is added to the Articles page! Thanks a lot to Stephen Emmerson for sending it!
  • (23.08) No.358 – János Mikitovics – Surprising neutral promotions! It’s nice to see János here again!

Now there are three sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) with all problems of January-April, 2013; Julia’sFairies-2013(II) will contain problems of May-August, 2013. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(II)Diyan Kostadinov

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