Site Updates-260213

Site Updates-260213


Updates as of 17-26.Feb, 2013:

  • (26.02) No.269 – Peter Harris – Anti-batteries with 3 different fairy conditions!
  • (25.02) No.267, 268 – Michael Grushko – Interesting activity of Grasshoppers and Circe Turncoats condition!
  • (24.02) It’s a day of improved versions here! I’m happy to add as original problems the versions from the comments:
    237.1 – by Mario Parrinello & Paul Rãican;
    259.1 – by Gani Ganapathi
    Thanks a lot to the authors and commentators!
  • (23.02) No.266 Peter Harris – Surprising promotions in the series of white moves only!
  • (23.02) No.265 János Mikitovics – Non-standard echo-play!
  • (22.02) No.264 Michael Grushko – Interesting use of Locust’s power!
  • (22.02) No.263 Pierre Tritten – Author’s beloved Take&Make – h#2 problem with three different interchanges!
  • (21.02) No.260, 261, 262 Peter Harris – A difficult and non-standard play – as always in Peter’s works!
  • (20.02) No.259 Gani Ganapathi – Interesting battery creation using Equihoppers!
  • (19.02) No.258 Alain Bienabe – Interesting action of Berolina-Pawns!
  • (19.02) No.256, 257 Peter Harris – Two nice miniatures with Locusts, where Transmuted Kings condition makes a King to move as Locust also!
  • (18.02) No.254.1 János Mikitovics & Nikola Predrag – I’m happy to publish this nice version of No.254, which is a joint work of two authors!
  • (17.02) No.255 Peter Harris – “Sometimes a short problem is made more difficult for solvers when the stipulation demands that they have to add a piece –  somewhere!” (Author)
  • (17.02) No.254 János Mikitovics – A nice echo-mate finals!

You can see, that now there are two sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) which will contain the problems of January-April, 2013. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(I)Juraj Brabec

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