Updates as of 26-28.Aug /2012:

  • (28.08) Welcome to the well-known Macedonian author – Bosko Miloseski! Presenting to you a very pleasant problem – see No.118!
  • (26.08) I’m happy to add a joint problem by 2 Hungarian authors – No.117 by Tibor Érsek & János Mikitovics. Welcome to Tibor Érsek and a gratitude to János Mikitovics for the activity!
  • I’d like to remind, that you can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.
  • Tourneys, tourneys!.. Let me repeat, that all fairy computer tested problems published at Julia’sFairies participate in informal tourney JF-2012. Thank you very much for so great activity here! And I’d like to remind you about the thematic tourney, with the closing date 15th of October, HS-problems with battery play – Julia’sFairies-HSP-2012
  • Just 2,5 weeks is left till the 55th WCCC in Kobe! I’ve written a short post about it with the links to the WCCC2012 site.

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