Zabunov-85MT 2013

KoBulChess-logoZabunov-85MT 2013

(20.05.2013) The website for chess composition organizing a memorial tourney on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the famous Bulgarian chess composer of the recent past FM Vladimir Zabunov (1928-1997).

Theme: Help-selfmate in 2-4 moves (HS#2-4) with the Zabunov theme – the front piece from one battery makes an ambush move and becomes the rear piece of a newly created battery. Anti-batteries and other type specific fairy batteries can be used too.

Fairy pieces and conditions are allowed, but the problems must be computer checked by the solving program Popeye or WinChloe.

The judge of the tourney is GM Petko Petkov (Bulgaria).
Send problems to Diyan Kostadinov by email:

Deadline: 15.11.2013. The award will be published in till to the end of 2013.

See the whole announcement at website!

Messigny 2013 Fairy Tournament

messigny-2013-excrptMessigny 2013 Fairy Tournament

Nicolas Dupont

The theme is: problems with a fairy condition and a zugzwang goal Gz.

Remember that a zugzwang goal Gz (where G can be capture, check, mate, stalemate, etc.) is achieved when the side which hasn’t played the terminal move:

  • ♦ has one or more legal moves which achieve G;
  • ♦ and has no legal moves which fail to achieve G;
  • ♦ and is not in check.

→See Full Announcement

Entries should only contain orthodox pieces and a unique fairy condition, the choice of the problem’s type being free. They should have been checked with Popeye (at least “by parts” when too long) and have to be send to the following email address:

Closing date is 18:00 on Sunday, May,19th!!!

Announcement – Julia’sFairies Marine TT 2013

jv-marine2May, 14th, 2013 – opening day of Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013 !

I believe the time to open the marine season has already came – so, let me open it in a chess composition as well! Today I’m happy to announce the thematic tourney which has been prepared for several months and has became possible now thanks to the efforts of many people.

I’d like to gratitude Mr. Petko A. Petkov for his material about Marine pieces and future judging of the TT, Mr. Thomas Maeder for the fast implementation of Poseidon, Marine Knight and Marine Pawn in Popeye v4.63, Mr. Christian Poisson whose earlier implementation of these pieces has given more clear understanding of their behavior and also allowed us to have an examples of problems for the articles and TT,  and Mr. Geoff Foster for English correction in the articles about Marine pieces and in the announcement below, and those of you whom I’ve asked questions regarding Marine pieces!

I hope for your active participation as there were really a lot of efforts invested to make this TT happen!

Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013 is announced now and it’s closing date is around the end of Marine season – September, 30th:


Have a nice Marine season! And good luck in the Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013!

Informal Tourneys – 2013


Informal Tourneys and JUDGES – 2013!

I’m happy to announce the informal tourneys for fairy problems published on Julia’s Fairies website during 2013! The year 2013 is split into 3 periods and independent tourneys:
I – January-April, II – May-August, III – September-December.

Let me introduce our judges! All three are world famous arbitrators, so I add just a few words from myself.

I. January-April, 2013

JB DSC_0045-2The judge: Juraj Brabec. It was a nice surprise for me to know that Juraj has spend a whole year in Riga in 1970, for his postgraduate studies. He often has met Alfred Dombrovskis and has shown me a article in newspaper from 1970 about his meeting with Latvian problemists! I’m very pleased to hear that Juraj loves Riga a lot! Warm welcome to Juraj!!

II – May-August, 2013

Diyan KostadinovThe judge: Diyan Kostadinov. Diyan was my first judge for the very first composed (fairy) problem! And later Diyan has helped me a lot in the very first steps in composition. Diyan judges many tourneys, runs his own well known website, composes complicated problems and has agreed to judge for me! – My gratitude and warm welcome to Diyan!!

III – September-December

eric-huberThe judge: Eric Huber. For me Eric associates with a great work he was doing during all the year 2012, announcing composers’ birthdays with some introductory words and also selected problems – “Celebrating composers” posts I’d seen every day, without breaks, without day-offs or vacations! Amazing work! Somehow Eric also finds time for judging. I’m very thankful to him for accepting my invitation! Warm welcome to Eric!!

The Award of Christmas Blitz-Tourney JF-2012!

the-Award-in-postDear Friends,

I’m very-very happy to present you a preliminary Award of The Christmas Blitz-Tourney JF-2012! It was prepared in a very short term, and I’m sorry if there’re any mistakes! A term of 10 days is given for possible remarks or objections, and after this term the results will be announced as final results.

Congratulations to the Prize Winners!! Thanks a lot to all of you, my dear participants!

And a Happy New Year to everybody!!! – Julia

Participants – Christmas Blitz 2012

christmas-bellsDear Friends,

I’m happy to show you a list of participants of my Christmas Blitz 2012! For those, who participates – please check again if everything is correct about you! I hope so!

Download (PDF, 1.91MB)

There’s also my name in the list. I know, I shouldn’t participate as an organizer, but I’m just the 2nd author in a joint problem, where the main author who submitted it has used some motives from my already published problem (feenschash, #10539). So, this problem was allowed to participate by the judge.

The Award will be ready in few days!

Thanks again to all of you! And have a Happy New Year holidays!!


christmas-bellsChristmas Blitz-Tourney JF-2012

Give mate with a neutral piece!

Rules: H#2 problem, where mate is given after the last move of neutral piece! Number of neutral pieces on the board is unlimited, although it is desirable for them to be not only technical units, but figures connected to the theme of the problem. All fairy pieces programmed in Popeye, WinChloe or Alybadix are allowed. Fairy conditions are not allowed. Not allowed are also pieces with special additional functions, as “kamikaze”, “paralyzing”, etc. Computer tested problems only! Please mention the program used for testing!

See the schemes and examples of the problems!

Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE. Thanks a lot to Mr.Petkov who has agreed to judge one more tourney and in so short term!

Term: 10 days! Please send your problems till December, 27th, 24:00 by e-mail only to Julia,

The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website on December, 31st, 2012.
I believe, it will beautify the site for the New Year’s celebration! 

Chocolates on the picture are your prizes! I believe you’ll find some associations with neutral pieces! 🙂

Welcome to participate and have fun with these problems!

JF 1st TT Award

Dear Friends,

I’m so much happy to tell you that the Award of Julia’sFairies 1st T.T HSP-2012 is ready!!! Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks a lot to all participants! See the Award by IGM Petko A. Petkov and enjoy a very nice problems!

Use PDF-version of the Award for download or print!

These are preliminary results. A term of 7 days is given for possible remarks or objections, and after this term the results will be announced as final results.

My gratitudes to the judge, Petko A. Petkov, for this great work and to Geoff Foster for English correction!

What can I say more? This is my first tournament, and of course I worried about everything happening.. I’m very thankful to all of you for so active participation, for so beautiful problems! I believe I’m more happy, then the winners! I’ll be drinking champagne for all of you this evening!


To celebrate his birthday and his fairy invention Superguards,
K.Seetharaman, (India) announces
a Theme Tourney for problems featuring Superguards,

the new Fairy Condition.

Definition of Superguards:

Any piece (including Kings and pawns), which is observed by another piece of the same color cannot be captured. Pinned pieces also observe.

The tourney will have two sections:

Section A is for Directmates in Two or Three moves.

Section B is for Helpplay problems of up to three moves, of the following types:

Helpmates, Helpselfmates, Help-stalemates and Help-selfstalemates.

Twins allowed in Section A. Twins and multisolutions (but no Zero positions) allowed in Section B. No other fairy conditions or fairy pieces are allowed.

Judge: K.Seetharaman

Computer-tested problems may be sent to the Tourney Director Mr.C.G.S.Narayanan (India) by email. <> At present Superguards problems can be checked in WinChloe. (version 3.20).

Book prizes will be awarded.

All participants will receive the award by email.

Closing date of the Tourney March 18, 2013.  

→See the the full announcement with examples of Superguards problems HERE!

Welcome to participate!!

feenschach to tourneys

Dear Friends,

The announcement of feenschach 66th theme tourney  is added to the Tourneys section!

  feenschach 66th theme tourney on “Rönnauer Chess”,  CD 31/12/2012
For definition and rules in both German and English see feenschach 189 (November 2011), pp189-193
Reprint at