Contacting Peter Harris?

894-phDear Friends, Editors, I need your help, please! You all might know how many problems by Peter Harris I’ve published on JF. It’s about 125, since July, 2012 (no.39) when I started to publish original problems on JF. The last mail I’ve got from Peter was on the 13th of September, 2015 with 4 problems, asking to publish the three of them dedicated to the judges first (no.890,891,892 for Vlaicu Crisan, Dmitri TurevskiKjell Widlert) and the one for me, on my birthday, a few days later  (no.894). During these three years Peter had some periods of active composing and some pauses too, but not for 4 months.. Anyway, even without a new compositions, Peter would answer my mails with Diplomas for the recently rewarded problems if he would be well, I believe. The last weeks I’ve sent some more mails to Peter and also to his email provider, Vodamail (no answer); sms-es to his phone, and tried to call him too, but there’s answering machine only. I don’t have any contacts of Peter’s friends or relatives to ask about him. Maybe anybody has? Maybe anybody has heard anything from Peter after September, 2015? I believe, we must find out what we can about Peter. Thank you! – Julia

Happy New Year 2016

julia-311215Happy New Year 2016 to all my visitors, authors, commentators, judges!..

My best wishes to all of you and your families in the next year! Be successful, be creative and happy! 

I’d like to tell a special thanks to the judges who’ve finished their JF’s awards this year – to Hans Gruber, Eric Huber, Dmitri Turevski, Kjell Widlert, Vlaicu Crişan! And also to those who accepted the judging in this year and still have to work a lot – to Kostas Prentos, Thomas Brand, Ofer Comay! 

Thanks a lot to Shankar Ram, who’s made a list of problems published in July-December’2015, sending me updates to the database every week! I believe we all are grateful to Sébastien Luce for entering JF’s problems of 2015 in WinChloe’s Echecs database.  The solutions of animated PG problems published this year look nicer thanks to the additional functions written by Stephen Emmerson.

Thanks a lot to all commentators! Dear friends, you make this site much more interesting and useful, and many of you have helped to get much better versions of published problems.

I often have different questions.. to the authors who send me their problems to publish, to the programmers, to the judges of current competitions, and to other composers who might (to my believe) know the subject I need a help in. I get a lot of your help, detailed explanations, examples… Thank you so much for your responsiveness!

I’ll be happy to see all of you again on JF and in person in 2016! Have a nice celebration and till the meeting in the New Year!


Soft upgrade on JF

faviconDear Friends, today the soft upgrade (WordPress platform with related plugins) was done for JF. I’m sorry for any inconveniences you might have as the result! Some loses in the functionality are already found and fixed. Please, let me know if you find something that has stopped working as before! Thank you! – Julia.

WCCC2015: After Congress…

DSCN9368My first Congress is over several days ago, but half of my soul is still there, in Ostróda

My first intention was to write about the facts and things happened, but in reality during the Congress I had no time for posting anything, and now all facts are already known. I’ll share just a little of emotions here. 

It was amazing to meet so many famous people face to face, in so short time! I was a bit confused as I couldn’t remember everybody from the first meeting as I wished.. Name badges weren’t used for this Congress, so all I could do was asking Latvian delegate, Ilja Ketris, who is who. 🙂 Of course, it was great pleasure for me to see that most of people know me, and to hear so many warm and kind words! –> read more

JF’s 3 years birthday!

yellow-roses-sqjulia-red-homeToday Julia’sFairies celebrates its 3 years!

What to tell more?.. I’m happy it’s growing, becoming famous, and I hope you enjoy it! Fow now we have about 770 published problems, 4 successful TTs and informal tournaments starting summer of 2012. Average number of visits per day is around 200 from 30 countries.

Thank you for being with JF!

JF Migration: at the new home!

faviconDear Friends, I was going to do software updates on Julia’s Fairies, but have changed the order of my plans. So, software updates are postponed to the future, but these days I’ve migrated the site to another hosting company, eLinks Hosting (LV). The team of eLinks has about 17 years of experience in Web design/graphics and starting from the hosting for their clients has grown into company with international hosting services. These days I’ve had a great experience with support team of eLinks, who has done the migration so professionally and fast, almost without my own participation! I’m happy that JF has safely moved to the new home, from Dallas to the datacenter in Germany. I hope, it will be a nice home!

Tonight I have 2 new problems for publication. I’m grateful to the authors, as always, but this time I’d like to ask you to wait for publication till tomorrow, as I just need to explore the new home a little, and also to celebrate the event with some wine. I really was worried a lot the last days… Please write me emails if you’ll find that anything works wrong! Thank you! – Julia

My published problems as of Feb-2014

jv-feb2014-3Some more of my published problems…

Some of my recently published problems are finally added to My Problems section: 

Two problems composed yet in November of 2012:

No.75 – finished 26-Nov-2012 – Chinese pieces in HS# problem, Dentist, neutral promotions (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.76 – finished 02-Dec-2012 – Reciprocal play of neutral MAO and MOA – one gives mate, another one pins a mating piece! (The Problemist Supplement – 2013)

Marine problem from June’2013:

No.86 – Running JF Marine TT 2013 I wanted to compose something with Marine pieces as well! The main idea was a play of black Marine pieces MS/SI, and it took me about a month (The 3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013, G-Fairies; 1st HM)

Three problems from autumn’2013, all inspired by Zabunov TT 2013 (the same as my No.400), with different transformations of initial batteries:

No.98 – October,2013 – Black half-battery transforms into two new Locust-specific batteries (KoBulChess – 2013, No.259)
No.99 – October,2013 – My lovely Chameleons in transformation of a black half-battery. I believe this is one of the best Chameleon-problems I have (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.102 – 03-Nov-2013 – Transformation of neutral half-battery, using Take&Make condition (StrateGems – 2014)

And November’s toy, miniature with Chameleons:

No.103 – 08-Nov-2013 – Light miniature, funny play of two neutral Chameleons, who jump away from their lines to return back in a new guise! (VARIANTIM – 2013)

Hope, you’ll like some of them! Thanks! – Julia