56th WCCC – 4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013


4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013

(30.07.2013) Here is the announcement of the 4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney – WCCC Batumi 2013.

Theme: direct #, H#, S#, HS# problems in 2 to 3 moves with the combination of fairy conditions Take & Make and Anti Take & Make. Neutral pieces are allowed, but other type fairy pieces or fairy conditions are not allowed.

The problems should be computer checked by WinChloe or Popeye (please write the used program).

Prizes: Bottles of Bulgarian wine, Bulgarian souvenirs.

Closing date: 25th September 2013, 23:00h local time

Judge: Diyan Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

The tourney is open to everybody, but only congress participants can receive bottlesand souvenirs.

E-mail entries should be sent to Diyan Kostadinov by September 25th  (dkostadinov@abv.bg).

See the whole announcement at KoBulChess.com website!



There have been 157 entries for this challenge, which were available to all participants at the Mat Plus site. Milan’s intention was to publish an article including all the correct entries in Mat Plus. We have decided that it would be appropriate to eventually publish this article dedicated to the memory of Milan. Owing to the impossibility to associate each diagram to its composer, we have decided to proceed as follows:

 →Read more… (click to show/hide)

feenschach/Die Schwalbe Theme Tourneys extended!

Die Schwalbe
Theme Tourneys extended!

The joint theme tourneys of feenschach / Die Schwalbe to celebrate the birthdays of Hemmo Axt, Zdravko Maslar, and Hans Peter Rehm  have been extended: New closing date is October 31, 2013 !

All themes are open for orthodox and fairy, even retro presentation. You may find the description in German and English with some example problems e.g. at http://www.thbrand.de/downloads/f67-69TT.pdf

Also do not miss the Werner Speckmann 100 memorial tourney by Die Schwalbe for n# with Empress (combination of Rook and Knight); you may find details at http://www.dieschwalbe.de/kompositionsturniere.htm

Closing date is August 21, 2013 (Werner Speckmanns centenary).

Have fun and good luck!

Back-Home Thematic Tournament

Thematic Tournament

The 5th ChessProblems.ca Thematic Tournament requires original chess compositions employing the Back-Home fairy condition, recently invented by Nicolas Dupont. Entries should be submitted to the tourney director, Nicolas Dupont, via email at tt5@chessproblems.ca. The closing date is December 31st, 2013. The tournament sections and judges are as follows:

Section 1: Help and Help-Self
Any type of help and help-self stipulations. Fairy units are allowed, but no additional fairy conditions.
Judges: Vlaicu Crisan and Eric Huber (Romania).

Section 2: Series-Movers
Any type of series and parry-series stipulations. Additional fairy conditions are allowed, but no fairy units.
Judge: Paul Raican (Romania).

Section 3: Proof Games
No fairy units or additional conditions are allowed.
Judge: Michel Caillaud (France).

See full announcement in pdf file or the original publication at http://tt5.chessproblems.ca/!

See also The back-home fairy condition article by Nicolas Dupont.



The Union Problemistas’s Argentina of Chess announces the tournament of composition to commemorate 65 Mario Guido García’s birthdays

Prizes: Books,honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded
The preliminary award of tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the website of Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA) http://www.problemistasajedrez.com.ar/   ?Read more… (click to show/hide)

Marco Bonavoglia 60 – Jubilee Tourney

MB-60JT-diagsMarco Bonavoglia 60 – Jubilee Tourney

Required are proof games with multisolutions and/or twins, showing bicolor strategy (see examples below). Fairy conditions allowed, but no fairy pieces; depending on the number of entries there could be two sections in the final award (orthodox and fairies).

→See full announcement as pdf!

Any number of entries per composer, but no more than one non-computer-tested problem per composer. For C+ problem, please indicate the software used for checking.

The judge will receive all entries in anonymous form.

Send entries to Antonio Garofalo (perseus@bestproblems.it) by January 31st 2014

Judge: Marco Bonavoglia

3-rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013


3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013


The International Chess Federation (FIDE), within the framework of its “Chess Composition” special project, is organising the 3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2013 in eight sections.

The tournament is coordinated with the WFCC Presidium and is a part of the joint efforts by FIDE and WFCC for the popularization and development of chess composition worldwide. →Read more…

The closing date is September 1st, 2013.

Zabunov-85MT 2013

KoBulChess-logoZabunov-85MT 2013

(20.05.2013) The website for chess composition KoBulChess.com organizing a memorial tourney on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the famous Bulgarian chess composer of the recent past FM Vladimir Zabunov (1928-1997).

Theme: Help-selfmate in 2-4 moves (HS#2-4) with the Zabunov theme – the front piece from one battery makes an ambush move and becomes the rear piece of a newly created battery. Anti-batteries and other type specific fairy batteries can be used too.

Fairy pieces and conditions are allowed, but the problems must be computer checked by the solving program Popeye or WinChloe.

The judge of the tourney is GM Petko Petkov (Bulgaria).
Send problems to Diyan Kostadinov by email: dkostadinov@abv.bg

Deadline: 15.11.2013. The award will be published in KoBulChess.com till to the end of 2013.

See the whole announcement at KoBulChess.com website!

Messigny 2013 Fairy Tournament

messigny-2013-excrptMessigny 2013 Fairy Tournament

Nicolas Dupont

The theme is: problems with a fairy condition and a zugzwang goal Gz.

Remember that a zugzwang goal Gz (where G can be capture, check, mate, stalemate, etc.) is achieved when the side which hasn’t played the terminal move:

  • ♦ has one or more legal moves which achieve G;
  • ♦ and has no legal moves which fail to achieve G;
  • ♦ and is not in check.

→See Full Announcement

Entries should only contain orthodox pieces and a unique fairy condition, the choice of the problem’s type being free. They should have been checked with Popeye (at least “by parts” when too long) and have to be send to the following email address: RIFACE.2013@gmail.com

Closing date is 18:00 on Sunday, May,19th!!!


To celebrate his birthday and his fairy invention Superguards,
K.Seetharaman, (India) announces
a Theme Tourney for problems featuring Superguards,

the new Fairy Condition.

Definition of Superguards:

Any piece (including Kings and pawns), which is observed by another piece of the same color cannot be captured. Pinned pieces also observe.

The tourney will have two sections:

Section A is for Directmates in Two or Three moves.

Section B is for Helpplay problems of up to three moves, of the following types:

Helpmates, Helpselfmates, Help-stalemates and Help-selfstalemates.

Twins allowed in Section A. Twins and multisolutions (but no Zero positions) allowed in Section B. No other fairy conditions or fairy pieces are allowed.

Judge: K.Seetharaman

Computer-tested problems may be sent to the Tourney Director Mr.C.G.S.Narayanan (India) by email. <cgsnarayanan@hotmail.com> At present Superguards problems can be checked in WinChloe. (version 3.20).

Book prizes will be awarded.

All participants will receive the award by email.

Closing date of the Tourney March 18, 2013.  

→See the the full announcement with examples of Superguards problems HERE!

Welcome to participate!!