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Original Problems (pages 121-130)

Original Problems (page 121)

Original fairy problems published during 2012 will participate in the informal tourney JF-2012

The site is mostly about fairies, but h# and s# are also welcomed for publication! Please send your problems to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

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Warm welcome to the well known German author, who loves miniatures and Aristocrat-problems – Stephan Dietrich!

No.186 – hs#3 by Stephan Dietrich – Nice Co-play between standard and neutral pieces! (JV)

No.186 Stephan Dietrich
hs#3          b) nSh6->e3          (2+2+3)
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December 16, 2012 12:28

Nice idea showing echo mates. I am just wondering if it would be possible to show the doubling the other way — the netural queen in front of the black queen. Perhaps impossible.

Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
December 16, 2012 19:14
Reply to  seetharaman

Hm, such chameleon echo mates would not be something worth mentioning, but combined with chameleon echo checks by wS it becomes much more interesting. It is not a genuine aristocrat, particularly because of superfluous nBd4 in b).

In the example below, nSa5 is still badly justified fairy piece:
W: Sg5 Kd3; B: Kf4 Pg4 Qa2; Neutral Sa5 Qh1; 2 sol.

One thematic neutral piece (nQ) is enough for the idea:
W: Sd6 Kf3 Pe2 Pg2; B: Qg8 Pe6 Ke5; Neutral Qh7; 2 sol.

But I’m sure there must be better ways for the improvement and enrichment as well.

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