Updates as of 18-21.Aug /2012:

  • (21.08) I’m so happy to have visitors from the neighboring country! Welcome to Me?islovas Rimkus, Lithuania, and aristocrat-problem No.110 !!
  • (20.08) The last problem I’ve published at night is like an answer to my own last publication. I’m touched with the dedication in No.109 by János Mikitovics. Thank you, János!
  • (20.08) Happy to see Israel presented on the site! See a direct mate this time, No.108, by Semion Shifrin. Warm welcome to the author!
  • (20.08) I have a pleasure to welcome world-known French GM  Michel Caillaud! Enjoy analyzing of a problem No.107 !
  • (20.08) See 3 complicated problems with many fairy conditions by Karol Mlynka – No.104, 105, 106.  Such problems are not easy to analyze and comment. If anyone can – please do!
  • (18.08) I’m very happy to welcome on the site world-known author from Poland, GM Waldemar Tura and to present to you not complicated but nice his problems  – No.102, 103.
  • (18.08) One more problem by Peter Harris opens a new hundred of problems – see No.101! I believe that Peter wouldn’t mind if I mention here, that 19th of August is his birthday! The very best wishes to You, Peter!!
  • (18.08) Happy, happy, happy to publish No.100 (my own 🙂 ) Although, had no time for wine, as few other problems were waiting for publication! 
  • I’d like to remind, that you can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.
  • Tourneys, tourneys!.. Let me repeat, that all fairy computer tested problems published at Julia’sFairies participate in informal tourney JF-2012. Thank you very much for so great to buy viagra activity here! And I’d like to remind you about the thematic tourney, with the closing date 15th of October, HS-problems with battery play – Julia’sFairies-HSP-2012 ! (Latvian sweets are really great! 🙂 )

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