Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2020 – С10.10.2020

Announcement Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2020

h#2 Point Reflection

The mpk-Blätter announce the Munich Fairy Tourney 2020 in two sections:
A) h#2 with the fairy condition Point Reflection
B) h#2 with the fairy condition Point Reflection plus one of the conditions Circe or Anticirce

The theme is free. Fairy pieces and/or further fairy conditions are not accepted. Problems in more than one phase are allowed, whether with set play, multiple solutions, twinnings or some combination of those methods.

In the case of low participation, the judge reserves the right to merge both sections into one single award.

Judge: Thomas Brand | Tournament director: Rolf Kohring | Closing date: October 10th, 2020 | Announcement in PDF

Submissions should be sent to (preferred) or Rolf Kohring, Bolkamer Straße 5a, D-83104 Tuntenhausen, Germany. The definition of the fairy condition Point Reflection can be looked up in the fairy chess lexicon of  ’Schwalbe’ as well as in the award of the 19. Sake tourney at WCCC 2019 

“Full-length reflex defense” – Quick TT-238 by SuperProblem


Quick Composing TT-238 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “Full-length reflex defense
Stipulation: r#n (n>=3)
Theme: required to compose Reflexmate in 3-n moves with:
– full-length threat, i. e. with the threat that ends with a mate to White King on n-th Black move exactly;
– at least one “full-length reflex defense”, i. e. with at least one variation that defenses from the threat and has a White try that starts on 2nd move and ends with a mate to Black King on nth White move exactly. At that, in this try 2nd, 3rd, … and (n-1)-th White moves must coincide with the same ones in the full-length threat.
Any kinds of twins are not allowed. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.
Judge: Miodrag Mladenović. | Closing date: March 19, 2020 | Download the announcement (pdf, 228 KB)
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail:
All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form.
Award will be published on the website

Final Award in SUPERPROBLEM Quick Composing TT-232

Final Award in Quick Composing TT-232

“Dear chess friends!

The Final Award in TT-232 (…and now it’s time for half-neutrals!; #2, fairies) has been published.

There are no changes compared to the provisional award. Please, check the correctness of names, positions and solutions.

We thank all participants of the tourney and congratulate the Prize winners!”

Aleksey Oganesjan

The Prize winners: 1st Prize – Petko Petkov; 2nd Prize – Jean-Marc Loustau & Michel Caillaud; 3rd and 4th Prizes  – Hubert Gockel;
1st Special Prize – Michel Caillaud & Jean-Marc Loustau; 2nd Special Prize – Kjell Widlert.

Originals February 2020



Original Problems


February, 2020

The judge of JF-2020/I: Eric Huber
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2019-2020: Vlaicu Crișan

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  • (09.02) No.1483 (h#5 ; Moose ; Functionary Chess) Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia). “…each pair consists of two absolutely identical mates, but…” (Author)
  • (09.02) No.1482 (h#1 ; Neutral piece ; Board 3×3) Seetharaman Kalyan & Charles Ouellet (India / Canada). Warm welcome to Charles in Original problems of JF!
  • (09.02) No.1481 (h#2 ; Circe Equipollents) Chris Feather (England). With my gratitude to Geoff Foster for keeping Chris informed about publications on JF!
  • (09.02) No.1480 (hs#4) Vitaly Medintsev (Russia). “Specific squares” d4/d3/c5 in a non-fairy fairy!
  • (05.02) No.1479 (h#4 ; Cardinal ; KoeKo) Anatoly Stepochkin (Russia). A “billiard ball” on the board.
  • (05.02) No.1478 (h#8 ; Black Must Check) Geoff Foster (Australia). “A rotated echo with battery cross-check mate.” (Author)
  • (05.02) No.1477 (h#6.5 ; Circe) Sergei Shumeiko (Russia). A hint for solvers: Kings exchange their places in the diagram and final positions.

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