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Dear visitors/composers, 
The serious update to Original Problems section has been done during the last few days. The change of code with some better ideas/implementation for keeping and presenting the tournaments with the lists of related problems. But the changes in implementation (good ones!) created some changes in the hierarchies and design and referencing links too. Applying too many changes in a short time period I’m not sure that haven’t missed something, more like sure I have! So, please, I’d be very much grateful to all of you for checking at list your own problems – if they are included in related tournaments, if the links to them work from posts and tables or published problems.

Where to look for the news? Two top menus updated:

  • Original Problems – has some general information on the main page, and two submenus for the search options. The search is also an easiest way to find your own problem by the number, to to see some selections of the problems by the given criteria. I’ll try to add some more search possibilities later.
  • Tournaments – presents current list of all informal tournaments on JF, Fairy and PG/Retro. Selecting the tournament from the list you can see the problems participating in the tournament.

Critical / important thing to check: The links to all original problems (starting No.214, Y2013) are updated the way that their URLs contain one hierarchy level less, and will always look like http://juliasfairies.com/problems/no-NNNN/ (where NNNN – the number of your problem) – this is how you can always find your problem if even some direct links are broken. I hope I’ve done most of the updates on JF’s pages. PDF files (like, links in PDF awards) will be updated too. Please, please, report to me whatever bugs you see! I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but after 8 years of work, starting from zero knowledge and getting some more in a process, and also because of the necessity of update pushed by the upgrade of the environment, I had no other choice!

Please, don’t worry! Your problems are all on the place, nothing disappeared! Whatever doesn’t work now – will be fixed!

– Julia, your editor

JF-2020/I complete!

JF-2020/I complete!

Dear Friends,

So time goes fast and one more informal tournament on JF is over. And as any finished project it brings some thoughts and some emotions too… Half of this period was hard for all of us, but the summer coming with its light, and warmth and hopes for the best!

There’re general things we can think about and there’re also relatively little things, but those which can make our days. So, before thanking all of you who participated in JF-2020/I, who were patient and supportive, who were writing nice and instructive comments… I’d like to say a special THANKS to Shankar Ram! And not only for one more index page of the tournament, or for his statistics you can see on the top, but for bringing me smile every time when I read his mails! 

Dear Eric, now the competition is in your hands! I hope you’ll enjoy the work! 
Dear composers, please check one more time if your problems are included in the list of Fairy problems  JF-2020/I.

What to say more? Talking about the rational things, I have to mention that I still don’t have a judge for the next fairy competition, and that I still need to make some technical work for JF to keep it working in the future… so, I’d like to ask you to be patient and wait for me for several weeks. And if about irrational things.. I have to say at this period of isolation, of some unclearness in the air, I’m also moody, maybe more emotional about the both, positive and negative things, maybe less creative, but the same time more hardworking… Wishing to all of us to survive this emotional pressure and to support each other with our smiles! – Julia, your editor

DANKA PETKOVA – 100 MT 2020 (C15.11.2020)


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Danka Petkova (1920-1993), mother and first chess teacher of the Bulgarian composer Petko Petkov, the grandmaster organises an International thematic tournament “Danka Petkova 100 M.T. 2020”.

The tournament will be held in three sections:

a) Direct mates in 2-4 moves.
b) Helpmates (stalemates, double ==) in 2-4 moves with at least two phases

(2 or more solutions, set play and solution, twins but no zeropositions.).
c) HS# (=, ==) in 2-4 moves with at least two phases.

The theme in each section is free , but with the obligatory use of at least one of the new Bul (Bulgarian) fairy pieces invented by Petko Petkov: Bul Grasshopper, Bul Lion, Bul PAO, Bul VAO. The colour of these 4 pieces can be white, black, neutral or semi-neutral. Also allowed are Royal pieces of Bul type. The usual kinds of G,LI, PAO and VAO are not allowed. No other fairy pieces or fairy conditions are allowed.

Originals must be sent to the organiser GM Petko Petkov: ppetkov2702@gmail.com no later than November 15th, 2020
The results will be published by the end of 2020 | Prizes: books by Petko Petkov | Examples and details  in PDF announcement.


~ ~ ~   60 Jubilees!  ~ ~ ~ 

Judge: Francesco Simoni (Italy)
Judge: Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria)

Judge: Paz Einat (Israel)
Helpmates in 3,5 or more moves showing the Perpetuum mobile theme are required. By making the key, a new problem comes out, which is solved by returning the key piece to the starting square. In addition…. -> Are required Helpselfmate (HS≠) in n moves with any kind of cyclic play; all fairy pieces and conditions are allowed. The problems must be cheked (C+) by any known solving program.  Are required ≠2, free theme. Fairy pieces or conditions are not allowed. 

All problems will be submitted to the judge anonymously. Deadline 31/12/2020.
Send originals by e-mail to the tournament director Antonio Garofalo: perseus@bestproblems.it

See examples in the PDF announcement (English and Italian).

229th theme tourney of the Schwalbe

schwalbe-logo229th theme tourney of the Schwalbe

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Franz Pachl,
the Schwalbe announces a THEME TOURNEY.

Required are helpselfmates in 2-4 moves where the mating move is performed by a neutral piece (not by a semi-neutral one!). Fairy pieces and conditions are allowed. Twins (including zero positions) and multiple solutions are allowed, but all phases must be thematic.
Tourney director: Rainer Kuhn, e-mail: rainer.kuhn@web.de | Judge: Franz Pachl (Ludwigshafen) | Prize money: 200 €
Closing date: July 08, 2020 (postmark or date of email) | The award will be published in the February issue of Die Schwalbe 2021.



The Romanian magazine Componist-Buletin Problemistic is announcing the Memorial Tournament dedicated to Anatole F. Ianovcic, in order to commemorate 35 years from his passing away.

The tourney is for direct problems with mate in 2 moves, containing at least one grasshopper and/or at least one nightrider (other fairy pieces/conditions are not allowed), showing the Ianovcic theme: in the initial position, two black pieces A and B are half-pinned; after the key, a white line-piece C (= Q, R, B, G, N) is pinned by B (it could be already pinned); in the thematic variation, A plays, self-pinning B and, due to a black interference, allows C to give mate with a Pelle move (a move on the pin-line).

Entries should be sent until November 1st 2020, at the tournament director Dinu-Ioan Nicula, e-mail: nicudin004@yahoo.com
Announcement with examples in PDF | Prizes in chess literature.

“Pata morgana” – Quick TT-240 by SuperProblem


Quick Composing TT-240 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “Pata morgana
Stipulation: =N, ser-=N, h=N.5, hs=N.5, ser-hs=N
Theme: in a diagram position of =N, ser-=N, h=N.5 (hs=N.5, ser-hs=N) problem, Black (White) is stalemated. But White (Black) begins a play and, due to absence of waiting moves, he is forced to destroy this stalemate.
In solution, a structure of final stalemate can be the same or different compare to the one in the diagram position.
Any kinds of twins are allowed if its are thematic. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.
Depending on quantity and quality of sent problems, the judge can divided an award into several subsections or, vice versa, can combine several sections into the one.
Judge: Aleksey Oganesjan. | Closing date: May 7, 2020 Download the announcement (pdf, 220 KB)
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail: alexeioganesyan@gmail.com
Award will be published on the website http://superproblem.ru

Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2020 – С10.10.2020

Announcement Munich Fairy Chess Tourney 2020

h#2 Point Reflection

The mpk-Blätter announce the Munich Fairy Tourney 2020 in two sections:
A) h#2 with the fairy condition Point Reflection
B) h#2 with the fairy condition Point Reflection plus one of the conditions Circe or Anticirce

The theme is free. Fairy pieces and/or further fairy conditions are not accepted. Problems in more than one phase are allowed, whether with set play, multiple solutions, twinnings or some combination of those methods.

In the case of low participation, the judge reserves the right to merge both sections into one single award.

Judge: Thomas Brand | Tournament director: Rolf Kohring | Closing date: October 10th, 2020 | Announcement in PDF

Submissions should be sent to mpk-blaetter@gmx.de (preferred) or Rolf Kohring, Bolkamer Straße 5a, D-83104 Tuntenhausen, Germany. The definition of the fairy condition Point Reflection can be looked up in the fairy chess lexicon of  ’Schwalbe’ as well as in the award of the 19. Sake tourney at WCCC 2019 

“Full-length reflex defense” – Quick TT-238 by SuperProblem


Quick Composing TT-238 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “Full-length reflex defense
Stipulation: r#n (n>=3)
Theme: required to compose Reflexmate in 3-n moves with:
– full-length threat, i. e. with the threat that ends with a mate to White King on n-th Black move exactly;
– at least one “full-length reflex defense”, i. e. with at least one variation that defenses from the threat and has a White try that starts on 2nd move and ends with a mate to Black King on nth White move exactly. At that, in this try 2nd, 3rd, … and (n-1)-th White moves must coincide with the same ones in the full-length threat.
Any kinds of twins are not allowed. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.
Judge: Miodrag Mladenović. | Closing date: March 19, 2020 | Download the announcement (pdf, 228 KB)
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail: alexeioganesyan@gmail.com
All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form.
Award will be published on the website http://superproblem.ru

Final Award in SUPERPROBLEM Quick Composing TT-232

Final Award in Quick Composing TT-232

“Dear chess friends!

The Final Award in TT-232 (…and now it’s time for half-neutrals!; #2, fairies) has been published.

There are no changes compared to the provisional award. Please, check the correctness of names, positions and solutions.

We thank all participants of the tourney and congratulate the Prize winners!”

Aleksey Oganesjan

The Prize winners: 1st Prize – Petko Petkov; 2nd Prize – Jean-Marc Loustau & Michel Caillaud; 3rd and 4th Prizes  – Hubert Gockel;
1st Special Prize – Michel Caillaud & Jean-Marc Loustau; 2nd Special Prize – Kjell Widlert.