Award JF Retros and Proof Games 2013/2014

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Informal Tournament Retros and Proof Games 2013/2014

Award by Hans Gruber (Regensburg, Germany), International Judge of the FIDE

In recent years, many parts of the retro genre have been strongly developing, including fairy retros and fairy proof games. As the specific characteristics of retros are quite distinct from those of other genres, it is advisable to judge them in separate tournaments. Julia’s Fairies has proven to clearly attract retro composers so that a satisfying number of originals (26 in total) competed in its first retros and proof games tournament.” ?See full Award in PDF!

With a gratitude to Hans Gruber for the willingness to judge this competition and for so fast, precise and competent work! My congratulations to the active authors and especially authors of awarded problems in this complicated genre! – Julia

THE AWARD of Christmas Blitz JF-2014

The Award of Christmas Blitz JF-2014

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to present you THE AWARD of Christmas Blitz JF-2014! The number of participants, of beautiful problems was really a great surprise for me and for the judge! Thank you so much, dear participants of the Blitz, for your activity, efforts, creative ideas! And of course, many thanks to our judge, Petko A. Petkov! 

I have to tell that the Award was written in a very short period of time, so I apologize for any mistakes done in the text, diagrams, solutions.. I’d be grateful if you send me emails about anything to be corrected!white-dark-laima-christmas

I heartily congratulate all the winners and participants! And I wish a Happy New Year to all of you! Let it be successful, interesting and motivating for you, full of pleasant surprises and happiness! – Julia.

PDF version of the Award JF-2012

JF-LOGO-1In the middle of December, 2013, the Award JF-2012 became final without any objections! Now I’m happy to offer to you PDF version of the Award JF-2012 for download or print. 

Also, I’d like to mention, that our judge, N.Shankar Ram, has helped me a lot with the diplomas, and thanks to him authors of all awarded problems will get their diplomas soon! Diplomas I’ll send by email in PDF format, but Prize winners will get also printed diplomas by postal mail. Thank you for your patience!

The AWARD of Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013

Award JF Marine TT 2013

Dear Friends,

I’m so happy to tell you that The Award of Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013 is ready! Enjoy the beauty of Marine problems presented!

The competition was very strong and the Award shows the very best problems, but not mentioned problems are also very good, have something unique and deserves the publication!

I’m grateful to all participants for the activity and creative work, to Petko Petkov for the fast judging, to Geoff Foster for corrections of the mistakes and language, to Thomas Maeder for implementation of some Marine pieces missed in Popeye, to all readers of this Award as your interest is always important and motivating!

DSCN7760My sincere congratulations to the winners
and to all participants!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!Julia


Preliminary Award JF 2012

Preliminary Award JF-2012

Dear Friends,

I’m so happy to announce

The Preliminary Award of JULIA’S FAIRIES 2012!

You know, there were about 200 problems for period April – December’2012. So many very good problems, so many famous authors, so many interesting comments, versions!.. Judging of this tournament was a real challenge! And I’m very thankful to N.Shankar Ram for accepting my invitation and for his hard work! 

My sincere congratulations to all authors of awarded problems and to all participants! I really wish to see all your problems in the Award! This tournament is very special to me, as it was the first one.. Your contributions, your support have really created Julia’s Fairies! You helped me a lot and motivated me with your activity, and from my side I’d like to motivate you for a new achievements as well. Either you’re in the Award, or not, you’ve done a great job! You always have another chance to win! But I will always enjoy browsing a list of problems’2012 with all the memories, ideas and long comments…  / Julia

Please send your comments, correction and objections to the Award until 15th of December, 2013, when the Award becomes Final.
Final Award will have also PDF version to download/print.

The AWARD – JF-2013/I – FINAL version

FINAL Award JF-2013-I

FINAL version
of the AWARD JF-2013/I
is ready!


I’m happy to announce that Final version of the Award for Julia’sFairies-2013/I is ready! I’ll add also PDF version of it soon! Diplomas will be sent as well in a week! My gratitude to the judge, Juraj Brabec, for his work under the Award!

Your original problems are always appreciated at Julia’s Fairies! /Julia

Objections and final award JF-2013/I


Julia’s Fairies 2013-I
Final result

To the Preliminary Award of Julia’s Fairies 2013-I received one objection, regarding 9th Prize (No.273, Skoba&Golha). A problem with the same content was earlier published by Cornel Pacurar (PS2514F,  The Problemist Supplement 09/2011).

Show diagrams! (click to show/hide)

Juraj Brabec

The judge’s decision is: 

The problems have the same main content – the black Rook helps the white King and pawn to gradually move to the other end of the board. But there are also differences in favour of No.273:

  • mate with a promotion into Rook;
  • in a) a Rook is captured on black squares, in b) – on white.

In my opinion this is enough to justify the independent existence of problem No.273. But, of course, it is not enough for such a high score, so it loses its prize and is instead awarded with 4th-11th commendation. As a result, the Award has 8 prizes, 10 hon.mentions, 11 commendations.

No other objections were received, so the Award of Julia’s Fairies 2013-I becomes final as mentioned above.

The Final Award of Julia’sFairies-2013/I will be published in few days, but for now the appendix about changes mentioned above is added to Preliminary Award.