Hanspeter Suwe 65 Jubilee Tourney


There is a new closing date for the Hanspeter Suwe 65 Jubilee Tourney (joint 215th Theme Tourney of Die Schwalbe and 73rd Theme Tourney of feenschach): Please send your contribution until December 31, 2014 to Thomas Brand (t.brand@gmx.net). Theme definition can be found at:
http://www.feenschach.de/downloads/suwe65-jt.pdf or  http://www.dieschwalbe.de/kompositionsturniere.htm.

4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 (C 15.1.2015)

FIDE-logoThe International Chess Federation (FIDE), within the framework of its “Chess Composition” special project, is organizing the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2015 in eight sections.

The tournament is coordinated with the WFCC Presidium and is a part of the joint efforts by FIDE and WFCC for the popularization and development of chess composition worldwide.

Karol Mlynka 70 JT – fairies

KMlynka70JT-aw“First of all, I would like to thank all those who published the information on my jubilee tournament and, of course, the participants for their high quality contributions. Although the announcement had allowed any kind of chess composition and any stipulations, only twomovers with cyclic change of defensive motifs were submitted. Not even a single problem did come on the theme change of harmful effects. Much to my regret, there were no threemovers or selfmates. The participants were not numerous but can be counted among the finest chess composers, as reflected in the award itself.” → Read more..

57th WCCC – 12 th Romanian Tzuica Tourney

Berne, Switzerland August 23-30, 2014
12th Romanian Tzuica Tourney

Judges: Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber (Romania)
Theme: Help-selfmates (hs#n) with at least two solutions featuring mate by double check.

Please send entries to Eric Huber by e-mail at hubereric@yahoo.fr until August 24th, or during Congress to the Romanian delegate Dinu-Ioan Nicula until Wednesday, August 27th, 8 p.m.  →See full announcement in PDF!

Italy – Israel Friendly Match in Chess Problem Composition

Castel del Monte Andria-small

Italy – Israel Friendly Match
in Chess Problem Composition

jerusalem Peace Monument

We are delighted to announce the friendly match between our countries. The match will be in three sections:
A) Mate in 2 moves; B) Helpmate in 2.5 or 3 moves; C) Fairy problems

Details on the themes for each section and judges names are included in the annex of the Announcement.

Tourney organizers and country captains:
Antonio Garopalo – Italy
Evgeny Bourd & Shaul Shamir – Israel
The tourney director will be Julia Vysotska – Latvia

Wishing success to everyone
Antonio Garofalo
Evgeny Bourd
Shaul Shamir

ĽUDO LEHEN MT C 31.12.2014

ludo-lehenĽUDO LEHEN MT C 31.12.2014

Slovak Organisation for Chess Composition announces an international tourney for fairy twomovers (with any fairy units or/and fairy conditions). Entries are to be sent to brabec@brabec.sk or by post to Juraj Brabec, Svetlá 1, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. Closing date: 31 December 2014. The judge is Vasyl Dyachuk.

Slovenská organizácia kompozičného šachu vypisuje medzinárodný turnaj v skladaní exodvojťažiek, venovaný pamiatke zosnulého slovenského skladateľa Ľuda Lehena. Prípustné sú ľubovoľné druhy exokamenov, ako aj rôzne druhy exošachov. Zasielacia lehota 31.12. 2014. Skladby posielajte v elektronickej podobe na adresu: brabec@brabec.sk alebo obyčajnou poštou na adresu Juraj Brabec, Svetlá 1, 811 02 Bratislava. Rozhodcom súťaže je Vasyľ Ďačuk.

Sinfonie Scacchistiche 50th Jubilee

api-50yrsscTo celebrate ativan Sinfonie Scacchistiche’s 50th Jubilee, A.P.I. (Associazione Problemistica Italiana) organizes an International Informal tourney in the year 2015.

Free theme in all sections. See sections/judges in the full announcement!

All entries must be received within 31/12/2015 by the Tournament Director, via e-mail (valerio.agostini@gmail.com) and will be published in the magazine (each participant will receive a copy of the publication and the award).

Messigny 2014 Tournaments

Messigny - the placeBeugelsdijk - Bakker - WissmannMessigny - the placeMessigny 2014: 08th – 11th of May!

You have a very limited time to submit your problems to the three tournaments announced! Entries have to be send to the following email address: RIFACE.2014@gmail.com

Closing date is 18:00 on May,10th!!! Only one problem by author in each competition!

FÉERIQUES / FAIRIES AIDÉS ORTHODOXES / HELPMATES Tournoi de composition d’analyses rétrogrades / RETRO
Directmates, helpmates or selfmates using the Messigny Chess condition and at least one fairy piece. No other fairy condition is allowed. (Judge: Jérôme Auclair) Helpmates of any length with echoed line of play reciprocal between a knight and any other type of figure (Judge: Laurent Riguet) Compose a retrograde analysis problem using the Shrink Chess сondition: An edge file or rank disappears if unoccupied. (Collegium of judges)