Site Updates-300413

Site Updates-300413


Updates as of 15-30 Apr, 2013:

  • (30.04) No.310 Nicolas Dupont  – This is the 3rd Proof Game at Julia’s Fairies! Again, enjoy a very detailed explanation by the author!
  • (30.04) No.303.1 – Julia Vysotska – An improvement to No.303, with a gratitude to Nikola Predrag for his help in creating it!
  • (26.04) No.309 – Vito Rallo – This nice problem with Andernach Grasshopper is one more gift for Julia’s Fairies jubilee! I regret I couldn’t share a birthday’s cake with everyone! 🙂 Thank you, Vito!
  • (25.04) No.308 – Vito Rallo – Nice mates with specific AG-effects! I have “Italian days” here!
  • (25.04) No.307 – Mario Parrinello – A very interesting problem with a play of Marine Knights only! I appreciate a lot this “Marine” dedication to the site’s birthday!
  • (24.04) No.306 – Enzo Minerva & Antonio Garofalo  – One more Proof Game  at Julia’s Fairies! Welcome to Enzo with his first publication here!
  • (24.04) No.302.1 – Pierre Tritten & Dmitri Turevski – An improved version to No.302! I’m happy to publish this result of a great activity around No.302!
  • (23.04) No.305 – Igor Kochulov – A nice four-men with Maximummer. Welcome to Igor and to his first publication here!
  • (23.04) No.283.1 – Vlaicu Crișan – Author writes that he’s found that No.283 has been cooked by Popeye 4.62. Now author presents the new version with a hope that Mr.Seetharaman will still enjoy it!
  • (22.04) No.304 – Luis Miguel Martín – Nonstandard anti-battery play!
  • (22.04) No.303 – Julia Vysotska – A play of two neutral Sirens, annihilation captures and critical moves!
  • (20.04) JV-70 – I have added one more my own published problem to My Problems section. This is the one I liked at lot while composing, and still like it! – interplay of Kangaroo-Lion and Lion with an active help of the white King.
  • (18.04) No.302 – Pierre Tritten – An excellent Rex-solus problem with Take & Make (of course!) and plus two more modern fairy-conditions!
  • (18.04) Fairings No.31 (Apr-2013) by – Chris Feather is added to the Articles page! Enjoy!
  • (17.04) No.301 – Hubert Gockel – A very nice Meredith on Djurasevic theme!
  • (15.04) No.300 !!! – Michel Caillaud – A very beautiful problem, an excellent realization of Pelle theme with model mates!! I’m happy that this problem has became No.300! 
    My gratitude to the author for dedication to the 1st Birthday of Julia’s Fairies!
  • (15.04) No.299 – Nicolas Dupont  – This problem introduces Proof Games at Julia’s Fairies! It doesn’t participate in the informal tourneys announced for now, but in case of more entries coming the separate tourney for them might be announced at the end of year 2013! Thanks to the author for a very detailed explanation to his problem!
  • (15.04) No.298 – Georgy Evseev, Petko A. Petkov & Julia Vysotska  – This joint problem was born in the comments to No.291, presenting the same idea, but in a different way!

You can see, that now there are two sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) which will contain the problems of January-April, 2013. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(I)Juraj Brabec

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