The Romanian magazine Componist-Buletin Problemistic is announcing the Memorial Tournament dedicated to Anatole F. Ianovcic, in order to commemorate 35 years from his passing away.
The request is: mate in 2 moves with Ianovcic theme, containing at least one grasshopper and/or at least one nightrider. There are not allowed other fairy pieces or fairy conditions.
Entries should be sent until November 1st 2020, at the tournament director Dinu-Ioan Nicula,
e-mail: | Prizes in chess literature.

Originals April 2020




Original Problems JF-2020/I


April, 2020

The judge of JF-2020/I: Eric Huber
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2019-2020: Vlaicu Crișan

Coming soon: Kenneth Solja (Finland), Paul Raican (Romania) & Michel Caillaud (France), Bernd Gräfrath (Germany)

  • (24.04) No.1500 (hs#3.5 ; Lion, Grasshopper ; Take & Make) Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia). What to say here? I believe, it’s a problem for no.1500! 
  • (23.04) No.1499 (Ser-h#19 ; neutral Lion, Grasshopper ; Alphabetic Chess, Couscous Circe, Take & Make) Michael Grushko (Israel).
  • (19.04) No.1498 A & B (h=4.5 / h=3 ; Masand / Masand Generalised) Sébastien Luce (France). Dedicated to Themis Argirakopoulos.
  • (13.04) No.1497 (ser-h=24) Ľuboš Kekely (Slovakia) with a long walk of the black King.
  • (13.04) No.1496 (-14 & #1 Proca ; Anti-Circe) Paul Rãican & Klaus Wenda (Romania/Austria).
  • (13.04) No.1495 (h#2 ; Neutral pieces, Camel, Zebra ; Annan Chess) Franz Pachl, Michael Barth & Sven Trommler (Germany).

(12.04) Happy Easter 2020! 

  • (12.04) No.1494 (–1b & h#1 ; Supercirce)  Manfred Rittirsch (Germany). Manfred’s first original for JF retro section! Welcome!
  • (12.04) No.1493 (h#2.5 ; Mantis)  Claude Beaubestre (France). Mantis = S + Locust, implemented in WinChloe.

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Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

Conflictio No.23,24 by Juraj Lörinc

Two issues of Conflictio by Juraj Lörinc
are added to the Articles page:

  • Conflictio No.23 (03.03.2020): “The 2nd TT Conflictio for new-strategical fairy twomovers (changes of play and move functions) is announced, it will be judged by Juraj Brabec.”
  • Conflictio No.24 (28.03.2020): “It contains the second part of the Shankar Ram’s research into the Jacobs theme. Additionally, the 3rd TT Conflictio for fairy problems showing Jacobs is announced, it will be judged by Narayan Shankar Ram.”