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You will find here the articles inside the site. Your theoretical materials about fairy chess or links to the interesting articles are appreciated!

Series of articles by IGM Petko A.Petkov

“Block of Neutral Battery-Piece” : Part I | Part II

“Do You know the Marine pieces?”

“Disparate – a unique fairy condition!”


Thematic articles, published in other sources

  • BLACK TO PLAY by Christopher Feather, correction of 2012 (85-pages PDF-file, online and download are available)

  • Близнецы Шоу (Twins Show, Russian version only) by Boris Shorokhov (The revised and expanded version of the article published earlier in “Шахматная композиция”, N0.106)

Fairings by Christopher Feather

Conflictio by Juraj Lörinc

Conflictio No.1 (04.03.2018) | Conflictio No.2 (18.03.2018) | Conflictio No.3 (01.04.2018) | Conflictio No.4 (20.04.2018)
Conflictio No.5 (25.05.2018) | Conflictio No.6 (23.06.2018) | Conflictio No.7 (31.07.2018) | Conflictio No.8 (12.09.2018)
Conflictio No.9 (21.10.2018)  | Conflictio No.10 (08.12.2018) | Conflictio No.11 (19.01.2019) | Conflictio No.12 (08.02.2019)
Conflictio No.13 (04.04.2019) | Conflictio No.14 (29.04.2019) | Conflictio No.15 (06.06.2019) | Conflictio No.16 (22.06.2019) 
Conflictio No.17 (28.07.2019) | Conflictio No.18 (31.08.2019) | Conflictio No.19 (03.11.2019) | Conflictio No.20 (01.12.2019)
Conflictio No.21 (11.01.2020) | Conflictio No.22 (07.02.2020)

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  1. Спасибо хорошие статьи.

  2. Ganapathiganapathi says:

    Very good idea to produce an “Ärticles”feature.
    Congratulations, is great!
    Would be a nice idea, if possible also, to feature an introductory article on the software Euclide 1.11 that would help PG composers.

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