Site Updates-090612

Updates as of 09-Jun-2012:

  • My own original – No.23 and my joint problem with  P.A.Petkov – No.24 are added to PAGE-7.
  • The last article by P.A.Petkov – Help-series Problems with Black Series is available from the Articles page.
  • Your problems are very welcome for the Tourney Julia’sFairies-HSP-2012! Thanks a lot to active participants!
  • The announcements of the Tourneys received from you are being added to the Links page.

Site Updates-030612

Updates as of 03-Jun-2012:

Site Updates-310512

Updates as of 31-May-2012:

  • Finally, I’ve updated Ankona section in Software – have added explanations about the functionality with many examples of the screens. The only part  left is Competitions, but I’ll try to add an information about it soon. 
  • The Russian version of Ankona section will be ready in 1-2 days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Site Updates-280512

Updates as of 24-28-May-2012:

  • (24-26/05) Three original problems are added to PAGE-6 – No.18,20 by Alex Levit and No.19 – by Mihail Croitor. Welcome to the new authors!
  • (28/05) My own original No.21 is added to PAGE-6 – moves of neutral locusts only!
  • Section Links is updated.  The information about the tourneys sent by my readers is also added there. Useful links from you are very welcome!
  • See the announcement of the tourney JULIA’S FAIRIES — HSP — 2012  in the Category Tournaments and awards.

Site Updates-180512

Updates as of 18-May-2012:

Site Updates-140512

Updates as of 14-May-2012:

  • Yesterday I’ve added some spring flowers to the site – just for the spring mood. My own photos of the flowers by the house. 
  • 1 my own original is added to the section Original problems PAGE-4: hs#3, which uses the scheme from my No.5 (Page-2)
  • Few more sections are added to the Top menu: Fairy Terms, Articles, My Problems. Fairy Terms is under construction – pieces, conditions, themes will be added one by one. Articles and My Problems have an easy structure to get access to the already published materials (Posted to the Home page, and kept in Categories)

Site Updates-110512

Updates as of 09-11-May-2012:

  • Don’t miss the article by Petko A.PetkovBlock of Neutral battery-piece“! See the 1st and the 2nd part of it available now!

  • originals  are added to the section Original problems PAGE-3: s#2 by Juraj Lörinc; h#2** by  János Mikitovics. Thank you very much for this!!

  • Updated page About me.
  • A nice icon that is shown from now inside the browser’s location bar is created by János Mikitovics and added thanks to his explanations. Thank you, Janos!