The 19th Japanese Sake Tourney


The 19th Japanese Sake Tourney


  • Theme: H#2 Point Reflection. Fairy pieces and/or other fairy conditions are not allowed.
  • Definition: Point Reflection: When two pieces of any color stand on the squares which are symmetric with respect to the central point of the chessboard (eg. a1-h8, b3-g6), they exchange their roles (i.e. powers of movement). A Pawn on the first rank and its corresponding piece on the eighth rank cannot move by themselves. Only non-reflected K and R can castle, and only non-reflected Ps can make en passant. Implemented in Popeye 4.83 to be released soon.
  • Judges:  Tadashi Wakashima, Toshiki Kobayashi and Hitoshi Yanami.
  • Prizes: Bottles of Sake
  • Audience: The tourney is open to everyone, but only congress participants can receive bottles.
  • Deadline: Thursday, 22 August 2019 | Send to:
  • Details: In the attached PDF document

Tzuica Tourney 2019 Announcement

Dear all,
We have the great pleasure of announcing the 17th Tzuica Tourney.

Tzuica Tourney 2019


  • Theme: hs#n/hs=n, at least 3 (stale)mates by the same piece on different squares
  • Scope: Any fairy piece and/or condition are allowed
  • Judges: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber
  • Prizes: Bottles of Tzuica
  • Audience: The tourney is open to everyone, but only congress participants can receive bottles.
  • Deadline: August 21st (Wednesday) 10 p.m. to any Romanian participant, or by email to Eric Huber 
  • Details: In the attached PDF document

Best wishes,
Eric Huber & Vlaicu Crisan (both attending the Congress this year!)

Composing Tournaments of the RIFACE 2019, C09.06.2019

The 40th RIFACE 2019 (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne) will take place at Saint-Germain au Mont d’Or, June 7-9, 2019.

Themes of composing tournaments:

Thème aidés.pdfThème féerique.pdfThème rétro.pdf

Address to send the entries : for Helpmates and Fairies problems ; for retro problems
Time limit to send the entries : Sunday 9th June
 at 15:00

“It’s time for neutral pieces” – Quick TT-222 by SuperProblem


Quick Composing TT-222 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “It’s time for neutral pieces
Stipulation: hs#3.5-N
Theme: In a diagram position of one- or multi-phases-problem hs#3.5-N, there are at least four neutral pieces. Every neutral piece should not be artificial, meaning that if any neutral piece is translated to black or white then the solution will no longer be valid, or it will have cooks, in one phase or more. Neutral King is allowed. Twins and zero-positions are allowed. Fairy pieces are allowed. Fairy conditions are not allowed. Only problems tested by the program can be accepted for the tourney. Each participant should indicate by what program his problem was tested.
Judge: Ofer Comay | Closing date: May 23, 2019 | Download the announcement in English
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail: All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form. Award will be published on the website

BIT 2019, Group C (fairy!)


Belgrade Internet Tourneys, Group C – Protean Chess HS#3

The Serbian Problem Chess Society invites composers around the world to take part in the Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2019 in the frames of the 14th Belgrade Problem Chess Festival – 24-26. May 2019.

As in the previous years, there will be three groups: BIT A (#2), BITB (h#2), BIT C (Protean Chess, HS#3) with the same closing date: Tuesday, 30. April 2019

Group C will be dedicated to the memory of IGM Nenad Petrović (7.9.1907-9.11.1989), who passed away 30 years ago:
HS#3, 2 solutions, Protean Chess. No other fairy conditions or fairy pieces are allowed, except royal pieces (only one for each side!): Royal Queen (rQ), Royal Rook (rR), Royal Bishop (rB), Royal Knight (rS) and Royal Pawn (rP). These royal pieces may be present in the initial position (example 2) or may appear during the play. Royal Pawn promotions are allowed. “Supernumerary” pieces in initial position (e.g. 2 white Queens, 3 white Bishops, 3bR, 4 bS, etc…) are permitted if this form is thematically necessary for the problem.
Judge: IGM Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)

See detailed announcement (PDF) with examples, definitions of fairy terms and also competitions Group A&B.

VITO RALLO – 80 JT (C 03.08.2019)

VITO RALLO – 80 Jubilee
Thematic Tournament

We are pleased to announce the 80° anniversary of Vito RALLO.
The tournament required H#3 Circe Parrain, where “the piece captured in the last move gives mate thanks to a specifics rebirth”.
There are two sections, one with fairy pieces, one without.
Please send original to
All problems received will be published on BEST PROBLEMS Italian Magazine.
Merit Diploma to the winners.
Last available day for sent: August 3, 2019. | 
Judge: Vlaicu CRISAN.

16th TT by Phénix: Conditionsfromply / Conditionsuntilply (C 1.07.2019)


The editorial board of Phénix are annoncing their 16th Thematic Tourney. It is asked to compose problems with these options of WinChloe : Conditionsfromply=n and / or Conditionsuntilply=n     

⇒ See an article by IGM Petko Petkov “THE WONDERFUL FAIRY OPTIONS OF WinChloe”
dedicated to Christian Poisson

There are four sections in the tournament:

  • Section A – direct mates (#2-n, s#2-n, r#2-n) with stalemate (=) and double-stalemate (= =) accepted
  • Section B – helpmates (h#2-n) with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted
  • Section C – series (sd#2-n, sh#2-n, ss#2-n, sr#2-n), with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted
  • Section D – hs# 2-n coups (with stalemate (=) et double-stalemate (= =) accepted)

Any number of problems by each author in each section. All problems must be tested by WinChloe (C+). In case of a small number of participants, sections might be reduced to only one award.

Limit date for sending : July 1st 2019, to the Tourney’s director : Laurent Riguet, 1 rue Jules Verne, F-60560 Orry la Ville or to the internet adress : | The judge is Petko Petkov


Quick Composing TT-216 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “The Magic Wonder Masand Chess
Stipulation: sections – А) #2-6, s#2-6, r#2-6; B) h#2-6; C) hs#2-6. In all sections, instead a stipulation “mate” (#), following stipulations are allowed: “stalemate” (=) and “double stalemate” (==).
Theme:  fairy problem with the condition Masand: “When a piece X by its move gives direct check, all pieces of the same color which are controlled by X, and all pieces of opposite color which are attacked by X, change color (except kings). A Rook, changed color in a corner, can participate in castling”. Fairy pieces and another fairy conditions are not allowed. In all sections multiple solutions are allowed if all the solutions are thematic. Twins of any type are allowed. Zero-positions are not allowed. Only problems tested by the program which supports the Masand condition (Popeye or WinChloe) can be accepted for the tourney. Each participant should indicate by what program his problem was tested. Depending on the amount and quality of the entries, there may be one award for all stipulations, or separate awards for different stipulations.
Judge: Petko Petkov | Closing date: October 15, 2018 | Download the announcement in English
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail: All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form. Award will be published in 2018 on the website

Informal tourneys by Sinfonie Scacchistiche 2019

The official A.P.I. Magazine is organizing an informal composition Tourney for 2019 in sections:
Two-moves [≠2] : Valerio AGOSTINI (Italy)
n-moves [≠n] : Grigory ATAYANTS (Russia)
Helpmate 2 moves [H≠2] : Francesco SIMONI (Italy)
Helpmate n-moves [H≠n] : Antonio GAROFALO (Italy) | Selfmate n-moves [S≠] : Stephen TAYLOR (England)
Section studies [win/draw] : Marco CAMPIOLI (Italy) | MTy Marino BORTOLOTTI
HS≠ n-moves [HS≠2-6] : Eric HUBER (Romania), Vlaicu CRISAN (Romania) | Retro : Marco BONAVOGLIA (Italy)

The deadline: 30/09/2019
The originals have to be sent to the director Valerio AGOSTINI only by e-mail. The problems will be published in the magazine: every composer will receive the copies of the publications and the awards (PDF version). It’s mandatory the declaration of the computer control (C+) of Popeye, WinChloe, Alybadix or others, for every problems (not for studies, of course).