JF Original Problems | July 2021

The judge of JF-2021-II: not appointed .
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: not appointed  

Coming soon: Award JF-2017-I by Tadashi Wakashima. Taking a little break in publishing Original problems (~ middle Aug) to prepare this award, also updates to FCCP!

  • (31.07) No.1641 (hs#3* ; Grasshopper ; Take&MakeChess, KoBulKings, Madrasi RexInclusiv) S. K. Balasubramanian (India). “wK tempo in two solutions eliminate one each of the set play mates.” (Author)
  • (31.07) No.1640 (ser-h-ep 56) James Malcom (USA). “Black plays to help White capture en passant” (Author)
  • (30.07) No.1639 (PG 11,0 ; Dummy Promotion, Royal Dynasty) James Malcom (USA) & Michel Caillaud (France). “A problem for fun(?) after the exchange we had about James’s 1627 (MC)
  • (30.07) No.1638 (#3 ; Breton Chromatique) Bruno Kampmann & Michel Caillaud (France). “The Breton family was invented by Christian Poisson in 2014; for those who wonder about the name, a Breton is an inhabitant of Bretagne; Bretagne is a French region, where Christian lives” (MC)
  • (25.07) No.1637 (hs#3) Vitaly Medintsev (Russia). Once I wrote to Vitaly: “everything the best – to JF, please! 🙂 ”  And here is him, recalling my words. Published with a gratitude!
  • (25.07) No.1622.1 (hs#2) Aleksey Oganesjan & Sergey Shumeiko (Russia). “An improvement to No.1622.” (Authors).  Accepted by Ofer Comay, the judge of  JF-2021-I, in his tournament together with No.1622.
  • (24.07) No.1636 (PG 12.0 ; Monochrome Chess) Achim Schöneberg (Germany). One of the authors of No.1610 shows up without a pseudonym!
  • (24.07) No.1635 (pser-s#18) Ľuboš Kekely (Slovakia). “…perhaps the longest pser-s# without fairy conditions and pieces” (Author)
  • (24.07) No.1634 (h#2 ; Take & Make) Daniel Papack (Germany). “Greetings to Seetharaman Kalyan”
  • (14.07) No.1633 (s#5) Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia). A new fairy idea(?) “Logical en passant uncapture“! (Author)
  • (14.07) No.1632 (hs#4.5) Menachem Witztum (Israel). Warm welcome to Menachem!
  • (13.07) No.1631 (h#2.5 ; HalfNeutral Nightrider, Camel, Grasshopper ; Take & Make) Franz Pachl (Germany). Halfneutral pieces in cyclic play.
  • (11.07) No.1630 (#3 ; Equileaper, Wazir, Zebra, Right Zebra ; Diagram Circe, Black must capture) Shankar Ram (India). “5-fold 3×2 Jacobs theme (quintupled)” and more.
  • (11.07) No.1629 (s#20 ; Circe) Sergej Smotrov (Kazakhstan). Author’s partial computer test took about 21 hr.
  • (11.07) No.1628 (#2* ; Breton Adverse) Hubert Gockel (Germany). “…set mates become keys” (Author)

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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