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Original Problems


3rd-6th of December, 2018

I’m glad to announce that the Award JF-2016-I by Petko Petkov will be published in December!

  • (06.12) Fairings No.58 – by Chris Feather (distribution: Stephen Emmerson), added to the Articles section. It might be that it is NOT the last issue of Fairings… In the Notes author writes:
  • (04.12) No.1349 – Arno Tüngler (ser-!=66). Can anybody find cooks in this new record? (Author)
  • (03.12) No.1347.1 – Vitaly Medintsev & René J. Millour (hs#8). More economical version to No.1347 (8→6 pieces!)

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The  judge of JF-2018/II: Kjell Widlert. The judge of Retro & PG problems 2017-2018: Dirk Borst.

WCO 2018 – Batumi, Fairy Award


From the tournament director I received 41 originals by 23 authors from 10 countries.
There was no limit to the number of problems an author could send (a novelty for this tournament!). This fact does not bother me. However, I would suggest in the future that in such cases a maximum of 2 or 3 problems in a section must be set.
I’m glad to say that the level of the competition is very high! This assessment, of course, applies in the highest degree to the problems awarded with prizes.
I express my gratitude to problem-friend Geoff Foster for the English version of my text!

→The Award in PDF

Quartz 45 & 46 are online

Quartz 46, October 2018, is online at:


The content: Virgil Nestorescu, b. Feb 8th 1929 – d. June 21 2018 | Anticipation or development of old ideas? | Provocation Chess in proof games | Leffie, a new fairy genre | Launching Quartz TT13 | En bref.

Quartz 45, June 2018, is online at:


The content: Exchange between Q and K in proof games(II) | A historical condition: Checking zigzag | Launching TT12 Quartz | En bref | AUW and e.p. in series problems type consequent.