Originals January 2020



Original Problems


January, 2020

The judge of JF-2020/I: Eric Huber
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2019-2020: Vlaicu Crișan

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  • (19.01) No.1476 (ser-hs#3 ; Neutral pieces ; Super Circe, Point Reflection) Cornel Pacurar (Canada). “…under the general Power Transfer framework, Point Reflection is equivalent to Symmetry Circe Power Transfer Rex Inclusive (Author) 
  • (18.01) No.1475 (h#13 ; Grasshopper ; White Maximummer) Václav Kotěšovec (Czech Republic). Nice mating positions for the readers and so good preparation of the problem for easier publication! 
  • (16.01) No.1474 (hs#3) Anatoly Stepochkin (Russia). Any comment would be a hint for solvers, just see yourself not so fairy fairy!
  • (11.01) No.1473 (h#2.5 ; Lion) Georgy Evseev & Boris Shorokhov (Russia). “This is the first presentation (hopefully)…” (Authors)
  • (11.01) No.1472 (ser-=4 ; Interchange Circe) Claude Beaubestre (France). Author calls it a joke for a Happy New Year. 

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Original Problems


(11.01.2020) The New Year 2020 came to us, and the new fairy tournament JF-2020/I starts on JF. Welcome to all of you!

I’m glad to welcome our judge of this period, Eric Huber! It is the 2nd time when Eric has accepted my invitation to judge JF’s tournament. Can’t believe that almost 7 years have passed since Eric’s 1st time (JF-2013(III)Award)!

Dear Eric, thank you very much for your support! And I hope that authors will do their best to make your work enjoyable!