Originals 02-171015

Originals 02-171015


2-17th of October, 2015

  • (17.10) No.509.6 – Henryk Grudziński & Paul Rãican (PG 10; Take&Make). Correction to the versions published in March, 2014 (No.509-509.5) and excluded from JF Retro&PG TT 2013/2014 because of the cook found.
  • (16.10) No.934, 935 – Sébastien Luce:
    No.934 (h#3.5; Circe Symmetry; Super Anti-Circe; Grasshopper) – A minimal echo with a duo of Grasshoppers;
    No.935 (ser-h#12; PWC; Einstein) – A four corners theme. (Author)
  • (16.10) No.933 – Aleksey Oganesjan (hs#5). Valladao theme in HS# problem.
  • (15.10) No.932 – Vlaicu Crișan & Klaus Wenda (-16 & #1 Proca Retractor; Anti-Circe). King’s march in Anti-Circe Proca Retractor
  • (14.10) No.930, 931 – Paul Rãican. PG problems featuring two different fairy conditions: No.930 (PG 11; Sentinels); No.931 (PG 13; Annan Chess).
  • (13.10) No.929 – Daniel Novomesky (PG 14). Multiple switchbacks in PG problem!
  • (12.10) No.927, 928 – Aleksandr Sygurov (hs#3; PWC). A Queen as a main actor in two PWC problems! Warm welcome to Aleksandr in Original Problems section of JF!
  • (11.10) No.925, 926 – Erich Bartel. Three fairy conditions and surprising finals in two serial problems: No.925 (ser-s=6; Chameleon Chess; Alphabetic Chess; Disparate PY); No.926 (ser-==10; Madrasi RI; Chameleon Chess; Alphabetic Chess).
  • (10.10) No.924 – Vladislav Nefyodov (h#2; Circe; Anti-Circe (Cheylan)). AUW with Cyclic Zilahi.
  • (10.10) No.214.1 – Petko A. Petkov (h#2; KoBul Kings; Nightrider-Locust; Bishop-Locust). Correction to the problem No.214 because of the cook appeared in Popeye v.4.73. The original version has got 1st-2nd HM in the Award JF-2013/I.
  • (09.10) No.919 – 923 – Michael Grushko (h#2; Functionary Chess). Series of 5 help-play problems featuring Functionary Chess.
  • (08.10) No.918 – Joost de Heer (PG 12.5). Switchback in PG problem!
  • (07.10) No.917 – Krassimir Gandev (h#2; Dolphin; Berolina Super-Pawn; Grasshopper). Three-times play of the both Berolina Super-Pawns.
  • (06.10) No.916 – Semion Shifrin (hs#3; Annan Chess; Take&Make Chess; LEO; PAO; VAO). A Chinese Meredith-Aristocrat.
  • (06.10) No.913.1 – Anatoly Stepochkin (h#2; Circe; Zebra; Grasshopper). An improved version to No.913.
  • (05.10) No.914, 915 – Petko A. Petkov – Two rich thematic complexes with Super-Pawns and combination of conditions Take&Make + Anti-Take&Make (Popeye’s implementation): No.914 (h=2; Anti-Andernach; Take&Make; Anti-Take&Make; PAO; Berolina Super-Pawn), No.915 (hs#2; Take&Make; Anti-Take&Make; LEO; PAO; Super-Pawn).
  • (03.10) I’d like to repeat, that the list of problems JF-2015-II is updated weekly with a help of Shankar Ram. I’m so grateful for this help!!
  • (02.10) No.913 – Anatoly Stepochkin (h#2; Circe; Zebra; Grasshopper). Castling motives in Circe-problem.
  • (02.10) No.911, 912 – Erich Bartel – Two miniatures with a seldom-used fairy pieces: No.911 (h=6.5; Alphabetic Chess; Disparate PY; Bison), No.912 (ser-h=4; Royal Wazir; Hamster).

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top. The judge of informal fairy tournament JF-2015(II) – Ofer ComayThe judge of Retro and PG problems 2015-2016Thomas Brand.

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