Originals December 2021

Originals December 2021

JF Original Problems | December, 2021

The judge of JF-2021/II is Shankar Ram, who will judge JF fairy section for the 3rd time (JF-2012 / Award ; JF-1017-0318 / Award)!  Oh, I felt guilty to invite this so much overloaded man again, but he’s as Santa coming to us with Christmas gifts, always positive, always reliable! Shankar is active in composing and judging, in FCCP project, in virtual online meetings with Indian composers, following WFCC activity and many other websites related to chess composition, still working in IT and currently enjoying discovering Chromebook!
Anything else? 🙂 . Welcome, Shankar! And thank you very much!

The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: Thomas Brand.

Coming soon: Velmurugan Nallusamy (India);
questionable problems moved to the end of queue: James Malcom (USA), Sergey Shumeiko (Russia), János Csák & Béla Majoros (Hungary)

  • (22.12) No.1676 (Retro ; add pieces for an illegal cluster) Bojan Bašić (Serbia). “In comparison to the Baibikov & Keym’s problem (feenschach III–IV/2019, Nr. 12009; also WJP 2019, 2.-3. Place ex æquo), here we have twice as many pieces in the initial position!” (Author)
  • (22.12) No.1675 (#2 ; Berolina pawns) Ralf Krätschmer (Germany). Dedication to Stephan Dietrich 50. Birthday. “A #2 with Berolina pawns and a theme which was a great discussion in the MAT-Plus Forum” (Author)
  • (19.12) No.1674 (hs#4) Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia). “The mechanism uses all 8×8 space of the board, and all 4 edges.” (Author)
  • (19.12) No.1673 (h#2 ; Circe) Menachem Witztum (Israel).
  • (19.12) No.1524-2.1 (-30 & #1 Proca ; Anti-Circe) Dmitrij Baibikov (Israel). The problem in a process for about 1.5 years, first version –  No.1524 (JF-R2019-20) – published in July,2020!
  • (12.12) No.1672 (PG 9.5 ; Pandemic) Mario Parrinello (Italy). The Pandemic condition invented by Alexandre Leroux, 2020.
  • (11.12) Dear composers, I have a tight time at the end of year. Mostly office work, plus more of original problems expected at the end of cycle. Also updating wfcc.ch and preparing ecsc2022.wfcc.ch. I would very much like to help you to publish your problems this year. But, planning today several hours to publish all I’ve got, I’m facing the fact that none of 6(!) entries are really ready for publication. Something is missing or not working and I’ve spent most of my time for writing requests. So, please, if you’d like to be published this year, the entry should have: notation and diagram for initial position, solution in full notation (departure and arrival squares), if computer tested and what program used. Thank you!
  • (11.12) No.1651.1 (h#2 ; LEO, PAO, VAO, Grasshopper, Nightriderhopper) Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic). In the comment to No.1651 author wrote: “A little pity is RHg4…”. So, no RHg4 anymore in this version!
  • (05.12) No.1671 (hs#3 ; LEO, PAO, VAO) Kjell Widlert (Sweden) & Thomas Maeder (Switzerland). “Started for the Tzuica tourney in Rhodes…” (Authors)
  • (04.12) No.1670 (#2 ; Nightrider, Half-Neutral pieces) Kjell Widlert (Sweden). “The theme from SuperProblem 232-TT doubled…” (Author)
  • (04.12) No.1669 (PG 10.5) Velmurugan Nallusamy (India). “Schnoebelen & Prentos theme doubled” (Author)
  • (01.12) No.1668 (h=10.5 ; Blac kMaximummer, White Maximummer) Kıvanç Çefle (Turkey). Warm welcome to Kıvanç!

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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