ĽUDO LEHEN MT C 31.12.2014

ludo-lehenĽUDO LEHEN MT C 31.12.2014

Slovak Organisation for Chess Composition announces an international tourney for fairy twomovers (with any fairy units or/and fairy conditions). Entries are to be sent to brabec@brabec.sk or by post to Juraj Brabec, Svetlá 1, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. Closing date: 31 December 2014. The judge is Vasyl Dyachuk.

Slovenská organizácia kompozičného šachu vypisuje medzinárodný turnaj v skladaní exodvojťažiek, venovaný pamiatke zosnulého slovenského skladateľa Ľuda Lehena. Prípustné sú ľubovoľné druhy exokamenov, ako aj rôzne druhy exošachov. Zasielacia lehota 31.12. 2014. Skladby posielajte v elektronickej podobe na adresu: brabec@brabec.sk alebo obyčajnou poštou na adresu Juraj Brabec, Svetlá 1, 811 02 Bratislava. Rozhodcom súťaže je Vasyľ Ďačuk.

Sinfonie Scacchistiche 50th Jubilee

api-50yrsscTo celebrate ativan Sinfonie Scacchistiche’s 50th Jubilee, A.P.I. (Associazione Problemistica Italiana) organizes an International Informal tourney in the year 2015.

Free theme in all sections. See sections/judges in the full announcement!

All entries must be received within 31/12/2015 by the Tournament Director, via e-mail (valerio.agostini@gmail.com) and will be published in the magazine (each participant will receive a copy of the publication and the award).

Messigny 2014 Tournaments

Messigny - the placeBeugelsdijk - Bakker - WissmannMessigny - the placeMessigny 2014: 08th – 11th of May!

You have a very limited time to submit your problems to the three tournaments announced! Entries have to be send to the following email address: RIFACE.2014@gmail.com

Closing date is 18:00 on May,10th!!! Only one problem by author in each competition!

FÉERIQUES / FAIRIES AIDÉS ORTHODOXES / HELPMATES Tournoi de composition d’analyses rétrogrades / RETRO
Directmates, helpmates or selfmates using the Messigny Chess condition and at least one fairy piece. No other fairy condition is allowed. (Judge: Jérôme Auclair) Helpmates of any length with echoed line of play reciprocal between a knight and any other type of figure (Judge: Laurent Riguet) Compose a retrograde analysis problem using the Shrink Chess сondition: An edge file or rank disappears if unoccupied. (Collegium of judges) 


ann-apetkov-100mtANDON PETKOV – 100 MT
announced by Petko A. Petkov:

To mark the 100th anniversary of birth of my father, Andon Petkov, and the 70th anniversary of his tragic death, I announce

An international tournament for composing of HS#(HS=, HS==) problems

on the theme: HS# with a use of fairy elements – fairy pieces, or(and) fairy conditions – in two sections – a) Problems up to 3 moves; b) Problems in more than 3 moves.

All originals should be computer tested with any of the following programs: Popeye, WinChloe, Alybadix. Please send your originals by e-mail till October 1st, 2014, to the following address: Petko Petkov, ppetkov2702@gmail.com

The award will be published by the end of 2014.

Mémorial Denis Blondel – postponed till 30-Apr-2014

Phenix_logoMémorial Denis Blondel – postponed for 3 months (April 30, 2014)

In order to honour the memory of Denis Blondel, deceased on 21th June 2012, Phénix organizes a composing tourney in two sections :
Section A) : all types of problems with only one type of fairy piece, which will be either the Rose or Locust.

Section B) : all types of problems with one or two types of fairy pieces, which will be the Rose and Locust.

See full announcement in English and in French!


mt120-ae-annMT120 ARNOLDO ELLERMAN -2013

The Argentinian´s Union of Problemists of Chess announces the tournament of composition MT120 Arnoldo Ellerman.   →See full announcement!

Will be awarded: Prizes, books,honourable mentions and commendations. The preliminary award of tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the website of Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA) http://www.problemistasajedrez.com.ar/

The 2nd Israel Open Chess Problem Composition Tourney

2ndIsraelOpenAnnThe 2nd Israel Open Chess Problem Composition Tourney

The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing the second thematic composition tourney which is open for all composers in the world. Prizes will be given to award winners.
Section 1: Two-movers. Dedicated to Aaron Hirschenson on occasion of his 70’s birthday. 
Section 2: Help-mates in three moves. Dedicated to the memory of Baruch Lender on occasion of his 100’s birthday

Entries to: Omer Friedland, Harimon 8, Givat Shmuel 54403, Israel, omrfree@gmail.com
Deadline: August 31, 2014.

René J. Millour 70 JT

promotions-rjm70jtRené J. Millour 70 Jubiläumsturnier
(71. feenschach-Thematurnier)

Announcement of the René J. Millour 70 JT:

Required are problems of any genre which show promotions.

Closing date is March 18th 2014.

Entries should be sent to the tournament director Hans Gruber, preferably via email hg.fee@t-online.de

The judge will be René J. Millour. Prices (money or books) are offered as a reward for the best entries.