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Original Problems


2-30th of April, 2016

  • (30.04) No.1060 – Peter Harris (h=3.5; Circe Chameleon; Chameleon Chess; Isardam).
  • (28.04) No.1059 – Sébastien Luce (h#3.5; Neutral piece; Chameleon; Circe Chameleon). Dedicated to Geoff Foster.
  • (26.04) No.1058 – Geoff Foster (h#3; Neutral piece; Chameleon; Circe Chameleon). Dedicated to Peter Harris.
  • (24.04) No.1057 – Sébastien Luce (h#24.5; King-hopper; Pawn-hopper; Nightrider-hopper; Grasshopper). Pawn-hopper is implemented in WinChloe only.
  • (24.04) No.1056 – Claude Beaubestre (ser-r<>r15; Circe Couscous). Warm welcome to Claude in Original problems section of JF!
  • (23.04) No.1053, 1054, 1055 – Peter Harris. Three miniatures showing “double transformation”: what happens to the moving piece and what happens to the captured piece: No.1053 (h#4.5; Circe Chameleon; Einstein Chess); No.1054 (h=3; Circe Chameleon; Chameleon Chess); No.1055 (hs#3; Circe Chameleon; Chameleon Chess).
  • (21.04) No.1052 – Peter Harris (hs=3; Neutral piece; Sentinels Pion Advers; Chameleon Chess). To Geoff Foster.
  • (20.04) No.1051 – Alberto Armeni (r#2; Anti-Circe).
  • (20.04) No.1050 – Vito Rallo (h#3; Anti-Circe).
  • (19.04) No.1049 – Geoff Foster (h#4; Neutral piece; Chameleon Circe). Inspired by the discussion about “Circe Einstein”.
  • (17.04) No.1048 – Mario Parrinello (hs#3; Neutral piece; Anti-Circe Symmetry; Anti-Kings). Enjoy 3 identical solutions!
  • (12.04) No.1047 – Ya’akov Mintz (hs#5).
  • (11.04) No.1046 – Aleksey Oganesjan (hs#5).
  • (10.04) No.1045 – Peter Harris (h#2.5; Circe; Super Anti-Circe; White Maximummer; Sentinels Pion Advers; Chameleon Chess; Einstein Chess). This problem is dedicated to the one who won’t get lost in combination of 5(!) fairy conditions in each of two twins.
  • (09.04)  Fairings No.48 by Chris Feather, distributed by Stephen Emmerson, is added to the Articles section!
  • (08.04) No.1042, 1043, 1044 – Karol Mlynka. Three problems with Pressburger King (Super-Transmuting King): No.1042 (h#2; White Super-Transmuting King); No.1043 (+3; White Super-Transmuting King; Locust; Bishop-Locust; Nightrider-Locust); No.1044 (hs=2; Black Super-Transmuting King; Neutral Chameleon).
  • (05.04) No.1039, 1040, 1041 – Oliver Sick. Three problems with author’s comments:
    “...forces the white king… to be “stalemated” (which sounds to be nonsense in a helpmate…)…” in No.1039 (h#7; Alphabetic Chess);
    An easy help-selfmate with a kind of try play…” in No.1040 (hs#5; Circe);
    A very small piece (neutral royal rook…) with three (surprising?) white…” in No.1041 (ser-=4; Neutral Royal Rook; Sentinels).
  • (04.04) No.1038 – Ya’akov Mintz (hs#5). Warm welcome to Ya’akov in Original problems section of JF!
  • (04.04) No.1037 – Sébastien Luce (h#2; Changeants(WinChloe only)). “But where are the two Kings ??☺
  • (03.04) No.1036 – Anatoly Stepochkin (h#2.5; KoKo).
  • (03.04) No.1033.1 – Kenneth Solja (#2; Amazon; Cardinal; Camel; Skylla; Rook-hopper; Grasshopper). Corrected version of No.1033.
  • (02.04) No.1034, 1035 – Erich Bartel. Impressive initial and final positions in No.1034 (h==5; PWC; Madrasi RI; Alphabetic Chess); mates in four corners in No.1035 (ser-h#12; Circe Equipollents; Fers; Wazir).
  • (02.04) No.1033 – Kenneth Solja (#2; Amazon; Cardinal; Camel; Skylla; Rook-hopper; Grasshopper). Author writes that it is one of the first direct mates with fairy pieces he has composed.

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top. The judge of informal fairy tournament JF-2016(I) – Petko A. PetkovThe judge of Retro and PG problems 2015-2016Thomas Brand.

Announcement of Tourneys of “The Macedonian Problemist” 2016

macedonian-problemistThe Macedonian Problemist announces tourneys for 2016:

a) Informal tourneys: #2 – Dragan Stojnić; #3 – C.G.S. Narayanan; #n – Abdelaziz Onkoud; s#2-n – Sven Trommler; h#2 – Vitaly Medintsev; h#2.5-3 – Petko Petkov; h#3.5-n – Christopher Jones; fairies – Pierre Tritten; retros – Hans Gruber.
b) “The Macedonian Problemist” League 2016 (free themes, closing date 1.9.2016) in four sections: #2 – Miodrag Mladenović; #3 – Aleksandr Sygurov; s#3-7 – Živko Janevski; h#4-8 – Zlatko Mihajloski (a reserve judge for any section – Hans Gruber).

c)  thematic tourneys for helpmates showing themes labelled with the names of two prominent Macedonian chess problem composers, who will be judges in these tourneys, respectively (closing date 20.10.2016)… → read full announcement (PDF)

ZdravkoMaslarZdravko Maslar

The traditional Andernach Fairy Chess Meeting will take place from May 05 to May 08, 2016 (as usual the long weekend starting with Ascension Day).

As last year we will meet at Ratskeller (Hochstraße 33, D-56626 Andernach); this is Zdravko Maslar‘s former restaurant Balkan Pic, where he had organised the meeting for decades.

As usual you should arrange your accomodation for yourself, but if necessary you may ask bernd ellinghoven (mail: be.fee(at)t-online.de) or Zdravko Maslar (Karolingerstr. 76, D-56626 Andernach, tel +49 2632 1577) for support.

For political reasons Zdravko came to Germany from former Yugoslavia in the early 1970th and established a restaurant in Andernach, some 80 kilometers south of Cologne at the Rhine river.
At the Wiesbaden WCCC in 1974 he met Peter Kniest, the publisher and general editor of feenschach. In their discussion the idea arose to have a fairy chess meeting, and Zdravko agreed to host it in his restaurant. The very first meeting was in spring 1975 at the Ascension Day weekend — so started the tradition of the Andernach meetings. Since 1975 Zdravko steadily organizes this meeting (now together with bernd ellinghoven) and hosted it in his restaurant until his retirement shortly before 2000.