JF 1st TT Award

Dear Friends,

I’m so much happy to tell you that the Award of Julia’sFairies 1st T.T HSP-2012 is ready!!! Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks a lot to all participants! See the Award by IGM Petko A. Petkov and enjoy a very nice problems!

Use PDF-version of the Award for download or print!

These are preliminary results. A term of 7 days is given for possible remarks or objections, and after this term the results will be announced as final results.

My gratitudes to the judge, Petko A. Petkov, for this great work and to Geoff Foster for English correction!

What can I say more? This is my first tournament, and of course I worried about everything happening.. I’m very thankful to all of you for so active participation, for so beautiful problems! I believe I’m more happy, then the winners! I’ll be drinking champagne for all of you this evening!

Site Updates-111212

Updates as of 08-11.Dec, 2012:

  • (11.12) By the author’s words, to compose this problem he was inspired by the recent  comments initiated by Ron Fenton – see No.185 by Dmitri Turevski!
  • (11.12) Original problem by Diyan Kostadinov demonstrates relatively new (not programmed yet) fairy condition Memory Circe – see No.184!
  • (11.12) Enjoy perfect battery play in a join problem by two authors – S.K.Balasubramanian & Vlaicu Crișan – No.183! I’m happy to welcome Vlaicu Crișan on the site!
  • (08.12) Welcome to the new author on the site – Linden Lyons, Australia! See Grasshoppers in fairy #2 – No.182

Thanks to the authors!

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Your original problems are very welcome!!

Christopher Reeves (19/2/1939 – 3/12/2012)

Christopher Reeves (19/2/1939 – 3/12/2012)


From the RIP written by  David Shire:

“It is with great sadness that The British Chess Problem Society records the death of one of its most illustrious members, Chris Reeves. To attempt to write anything so soon after the passing of a man whose life has been so full and rich is not easy. 

He will be missed by many and remembered with great affection.”

Today I’ve a pleasure to publish a problem by Kenneth Solja to the memory of Christopher Reeves – No.181.

Some more comments I’d like to quote here:

“Christopher was a great composer, deeply in love with our art. Above all: such a kind man and a dear friend, spreading enthusiasm and good vibrations all around.
Last months he seemed to be active and successful in his professional activities, including lectures in Sao Paulo, and many projects he wanted to complete. Terrible, shocking loss…” (Marjan Kovačević)

“As a composer, Chris was the equal of his contemporaries, the British triumvirate of Rice, Lipton and Barnes. He was a fantastic editor (Chris had only just relinquished his post as the two-move sub-editor of “The Problemist”) and a warm-hearted friend…” (Ian Shanahan)

“This winter brings much sad news, indeed — A. Christopher Reeves was a problem superman.” (Kevin Begley)

See also the article by David Shire in memory of Chris Reeves: The Twomovers of Chris Reeves (Mat Plus 42, January 2012).

Site Updates-051212

Updates as of 04-05.Dec, 2012:

  • (05.12) Welcome to the new author on the site – Alain Biénabe, France! See the first original Pser problem published here – No.180
  • (04.12) And one more original problem has came on the same day – see synthesis of two fairy conditions in the nice joint problem by Gani Ganapathi & Juraj Lörinc –  No.179
  • (04.12) It’s nice to see an original from our most active commentator – Seetharaman Kalyan! See hs#3 problem with white promotions, but without fairy elements –  No.178

Thanks to the authors!

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Your original problems are very welcome!!

Dan-Constantin Gurgui 50 JT

→ Tourneys 

The “e4 e5” magazine announces a formal tournament for the 50th birthday of Romanian problemist  Dan-Constantin  Gurgui.  H#2, with a free theme, no zeropositions, duplex  or fairy pieces.   Start date: January 1st. Closing date: December 31st 2013.  Judge: Zivko Janevski, International Judge of FIDE, P.Box 163, 1480 Gevgelija, Macedonia, zivko@t-home.mk

Please send your entries to chessplayerro@yahoo.com.  The problems will be published in “e4 e5” magazine. All participants will receive the award by email. Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.  Please reprint.

(added 01.12.2012)

Phenix is back!

French review “Phenix” is back !

I’d like to quote Laurent Riguet (mail: travailphenix@yahoo.fr) who’s written on November, 25th:

Hello dear chess friends !
After the death of Denis Blondel in june, the french problemists decided to continue the review, so… Phenix is back !
I send last week end phénix 213…218 to subscribers.
I would be very happy if you had one original (or more!) for the next review (px 222) with originals !
best wishes
Laurent Riguet

Welcome back to Phenix!! And let’s send our problems for the next issue – before the end of December,2012! But I’m also happy to get Phenix-216 yesterday. My problem published there is just added to My Problems – see No.22 composed yet in January.

Site Updates-301112

Updates as of 26-30.Nov, 2012:

  • (30.11) I’m very happy to welcome a new author on the site – one of the best known Italian composers – Francesco Simoni! See Gnu fairy piece in 4 phases – the first time on the site! – in the nice problem No.177!
  • (30.11) The articleThe Wonderful (new genre) Parry Seriesby Petko A. Petkov is available  from the Articles page. See also my post about it below.
  • (29.11) A new original by Peter Harris is added! See only two Kings on the board in No.176!
  • (26.11) I’m very pleased to show you a new original problem by Petko A. Petkov My lovely MOA is pinned and can’t capture the pinning piece because of… – see an interesting combination in No.175!

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Your original problems are very welcome!!

DM – moment of silence – 11:48am ET

Dear Friends,

I’d like to draw your attention to the comment by Randy Meinking, brother of Dan Meinking.

11:48 a.m. EDT is equal to 4:48 p.m. GMT. Let’s get the word out! 


Parry Series by Petko A. Petkov

30th November, 2012

I’m  happy to present you  a new edition of the article originally published in StrateGems No.51, 2010,  “The Wonderful (new genre) Parry Series”
by IGM Petko A. Petkov,

as a first part of  publication, dedicated to the memory of Dan Meinking,
the inventor of Parry Series.

The second part to this article with a new ideas and containing also some problems dedicated to Dan Meinking, will come soon.

The article “The Wonderful (new genre) Parry Series” is also available  from the Articles page. 

I’d like to tell a special THANKS to Mr. Geoff Foster for the language correction! And, of course, a gratitude from all of us to Mr. Petko A. Petkov for all his efforts and support!

Dan Meinking (1960-2012)

Dan Meinking
1960   –   2012

25th November, 2012

With a deep regret I have to inform, that a famous composer, Dan Meinking, has died yesterday from the heart attack. Dan was well known in the world of chess and won multiple Cincinnati and Dayton Chess championships in the early 1980’s. He was awarded the title of “FIDE Master of Chess Composition” in 2009 by the International Chess Composition Union. He was an avid game designer and his Alpha Sleuth and Lexmaze puzzles published in “Brain Games” games books. 

Visitation will be held at Good Shepherd Church on Kemper Road on Tuesday Nov. 27, 2012 at 9:00 AM with Mass to follow at 10:00 AM.

For many composers Dan was also a very good friend. I’d like to quote some comments about Dan Meinking:

“Needless to say, this is a huge shock to all of us and an enormous loss to our small chess problem community. I am planning to have a tribute to Dan in SG61.” (Mike Prcic)

“I’m very shocked indeed… Dan and I exchanged hundreds of emails this year, as he helped me a lot in the writing of my recent SG article, and he was the Director of the last chessproblem.ca thematic tourney, co-organized by Cornel and I. Bad bad news, can’t trust it.” (Dupont Nicolas)

“For me, Dan was more than a gifted problem composer… he was a great teacher (who helped introduce me to the art of problem composition), a mentor, and a good friend (always… for many years… no matter what).  He will be missed, beyond words.” (Kevin Begley)

“I was lucky to closely communicate and collaborate with Dan for more than a year and had opportunity to value his great talent and remarkable personality.” (Valery Liskovets)

“Shocking and totally unexpected news. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow – we have lost a great problemist, a great person and a great friend. May he rest in peace, he will always be remembered.” (Cornel Pacurar)

“For our small chess problem community enormous loss.” (Bosko Miloseski)

“This is TERRIBLE. I had very enjoyable correspondence with Dan. He was a really fine problemist and man.” (Ian Shanahan)

“He was a really fine problemist and man. For our small chess problem community enormous loss.May he rest in peace, he will always be remembered.” (Микола Чернявський)

“I’ll always remember Dan from our group of Problemists on the ICC chess server. He’d gather several people into a room and we’d shoot the breeze and look at problems for hours. He loved collaborating on compositions and seeing promising ideas come to fruition.” (Ryan McCracken)

You can see Dan Meinking’s Chess Problem Collection here.

Daniel E. MEINKING’s Obituary on The Cincinnati Enquirer.