Vlaicu Crișan – the judge of PG/Retros 2019-20

Dear composers, I’m very glad to announce the judge of Retro & PG problems 2019-2020: Vlaicu Crișan!

5 years ago Vlaicu was the judge of fairy problems on JF, JF-2014(I) ( problems | award ). And now I’m grateful to Vlaicu for his enthusiasm in acceptance of judging PG/Retros on JF!

Vlaicu is an International master of the FIDE for chess composition (since 2016), and international solving master (since 2007). His interest to retro compositions started from solving originals published in the retro column of French magazine Phénix. After being a regular solver for many years, Vlaicu was invited to judge the retros informal tournament for 2004 and that was his first award in retro sections. A couple of years later, Vlaicu was invited to judge the section of retros from StrateGems 2016 informal tournament. The third experience will be this year, with PG section of the Quartz TT 13 (Leffie).

While I’m very glad about JF’s PG/Retros becoming the 4th experience, Vlaicu comments: “I am quite grateful to accept another experience with Julia’s Fairies informal tournament 2019-2020, as the fourth name in the already impressive list of the previously appointed judges: Hans Gruber, Thomas Brand and Dirk Borst. Well, I can only hope the composers will indulge me and your fairy retro column with many outstanding compositions!”

The judge of JF-2019/I : Michal Dragoun

Our judge for fairy tournament JF-2019/I (February-June’ 2019) will be Michal Dragoun (01-03-1974) from Czechia, a double Grandmaster of Problem chess (in both composing and solving), and International Judge for helpmates and fairies. Michal mostly composes helpmates, helpselfmates and other fairies. He was World champion in composing both helpmates (2010-12) and fairies (2004-06). We all wish him to enjoy your good compositions!

The judge for the new PG/Retro competition is not appointed yet.

The judge of JF-10/2017-03/2018

The Judge of JF fairy tournament 10/2017-03/2018

After a long time… the one who was the first judge ever of JF’s fairy tournament, had to analyze about 200 fairy problems and finished the Award in a year after competition, is kindly accepting this job again! I’m very glad to announce the judge of current fairy tournament, JF-10/2017-03/2018 – famous Indian composer, International Master of FIDE – Shankar Ram! To the words I’ve written about Shankar in 2012, he’s added the following: 

  • From 2012, Got back to composing, judging, article writing, getting in touch with chess problem friends
  • Current interest: Acquiring new gadgets and porting Popeye to them!

Wishing a pleasant work for the judge, and creative provigil ideas to the authors! – Julia

The judges of the future fairy tournaments: JF-2018/II, 01.07-31.12.2018: Kjell Widlert | JF-2019/I, 01.01-30.06.2019: Michal Dragoun

JF-2017/II : Oct-2017 to Mar-2018

Dear authors, and readers, coming back to the next fairy tournament, JF-2017/II, I’m very sorry to announce that I need to postpone it again due to all other obligations I have. So, next informal fairy tournament on JF will start on October, 1st, 2017 and end on March, 31st, 2018. I’ll announce the judge during September.

New problems for Retro&PG 2017-18 will be published regularly again starting September. No breaks in publishing fairy announcements on JF upon request. 

In 2018, I plan to have a break between informal fairy tournaments again, and the next tournament is planned from July, 1st to December, 31st, 2018, closing the year and WCCI and FIDE Album cycles. Awards of JF’s tournaments, articles, announcements are welcome for the period of break in publishing original problems, April – June 2018.

The breaks are made for judging I need to finish as the last year of tries to combine it all showed me it doesn’t work, either my evenings are devoted to judging or to publications, and judging goes too slowly with all interruptions. – Julia.

JF-2017/II postponed for mid-August

Dear authors, readers, the first fairy tournament of this year, JF-2017/I is just finished with 54 problems. I’m grateful to all participants, and wishing the judge, Tadashi Wakashima, to enjoy your works!

About the next fairy tournament, JF-2017/II, I need to tell you that I’m going to postpone the beginning of it till mid-August. I regret about it myself, but otherwise I can’t finish all my obligations, mostly about judging. With almost regular updates of two websites I really have no time for anything else, including the own composing too. 

Of course, I’ll continue to update wfcc.ch, and will publish fairy announcements on JF upon request. 

I’ll write about the next fairy tournament after WCCC in Dresden, 5-12.08. – Julia.

Welcome to the judge of JF-2017/I

I’m delighted to welcome the judge of informal tournament JF-2017/I (01.Jan.2017 – 30.Jun.2017) –Tadashi Wakashima – Several times the judge of the WCCI and FIDE Album in fairy section, an indefatigable promoter of chess composition in Japan, the delegate of Japan in WFCC and the chief editor of the Japanese magazine “Problem Paradise”. Many of you might remember Tadashi as the tireless organizer of the successful 55th WCCC in Kobe in September, 2012.


42 fairy problems are published in the tournament JF-2017/I, and by the end of June I’d gladly accept about 8-10 good fairy problems. Please, not more than one problem per sending! – Julia

Retro and PG problems 2017 – 2018

JF-LOGO-1Retro and PG problems 2017 – 2018

Dear Retro & PG composers,

In April 2013 I’ve published the first PG problem on JF (No.299 by Nicolas Dupont, who convinced me to publish this genre 🙂 ), and since that have organized two competitions of two-years period in Retro&PG genres: Retro and PG 2013-2014 (judge:  Hans Gruber),  Retro and PG 2015-2016 (judge: Thomas Brand).

Dirk Borst 2016Today I’m very glad to announce a new Retro and PG tournament 2017-2018:

The judge: Dirk Borst – a talented Dutch composer, very experienced in fairy and retro problems, also in fairy proof games! Dirk is known not only as a composer, but also as a noted judge, and a fairy editor of Probleemblad magazine.  Warm welcome to Dirk and my gratitude for accepting the judge’s work! 

The judge of JF-2016/II

pachl_franz_dorisI’m very glad to announce the judge of informal tournament JF-2016/II – Franz Pachl – an International Judge with 90 problem-tourneys judged, an International Grand Master with 140 album points. Franz has composed near 1.400 problems, of which 1.000 are honoured. His favorite genre is fairy-chess. 

Franz was born on 8.01.1951, married since 1972, has a son Markus (1975) and a grandson Neo (2011). (On the photo: Franz with his wife Doris).

 Warm welcome to Franz!


You’re welcome to participate in the second informal tournament of this year – JF-2016/II, July-December!
Any fairy problem can participate, and I’m here for you to publish it faster. – Julia

End of JF-2016/I


Dear Friends,

JF‘s informal tourney for fairy problems published in January-June’2016 – JF-2016/I is ended on June, 30th. The judge of this period – Petko Petkov – has a list of 96 fairy problems (all original problems published on JF this year, till 30.06.2016, except Retro&PG problems). I’d like to thank all authors who participate in this tournament and all of you who’s given the spirit, creativity, ideas, advises and experience in your works and comments in this period! Thanks a lot to Petko Petkov for his current and future work! 

I’m sorry to tell you that the judge of the next period, July-December’2016, is not appointed yet. Of course, I’ll gladly accept and publish your works, at your own risk 🙂 .

Judging is something not easy to ask for… even hoping that it’s not only a hard work to be done, but it’s also a challenge, a honor, a pleasure in analyzing of many interesting works, and a final satisfaction about the result. Please, let me know if any of you would be willing to take JF-2016/II. I’d be very grateful for it!

And the last thing.. and one of the most important of the year – WCCC2016! Good luck to all of you who will participate in composing/solving competitions! Have a nice trips and a nice stay in Belgrade who’s coming! Myself, I’ll be very glad to come and to meet all of you! (222 participants as of now!) – Julia

(Русский) Welcome at JF-2016!


Dear Friends,

First of all, I wish you a happy and successful year 2016! As always, you’re very welcome here, on JF!

The second informal tournament of the previous year – JF-2015/II – has finished on the 31st of December, 2015 with 128 published problems (excluding versions and Retro&PG problems). Thanks a lot to all participants and to the judge, Ofer Comay, for his future work! 

The year 2016 will be also split into two informal tourneys for fairy problems
I – January-June, II – July-December

You’re welcome to participate in the first informal tournament of this year – JF-2016/I, January-June!
I always try to publish your problems as soon as I can. Hopefully, in 1-2 days. But at some periods I really get too many of your works, and I’d like you to know that in such cases I give a priority to either the problems I consider as more interesting or to the new authors or those authors who has less of publications on JF.

ppetkov_dobrichI’m happy to announce the judge of this period – Petko A. Petkov – International Judge, GM in composition, famous fairy composer and a leader in the world rank list with 454.25 points in the FIDE Albums. Till now, Petko has judged four JF’s thematic competitions and was also one of the strongest and active authors on JF. This time I’m grateful to Petko for taking one more job, although, loosing him as an author for this period. Warm welcome to Petko!

Good luck to all of us in 2016! – Julia