My published problems as of Feb-2014

jv-feb2014-3Some more of my published problems…

Some of my recently published problems are finally added to My Problems section: 

Two problems composed yet in November of 2012:

No.75 – finished 26-Nov-2012 – Chinese pieces in HS# problem, Dentist, neutral promotions (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.76 – finished 02-Dec-2012 – Reciprocal play of neutral MAO and MOA – one gives mate, another one pins a mating piece! (The Problemist Supplement – 2013)

Marine problem from June’2013:

No.86 – Running JF Marine TT 2013 I wanted to compose something with Marine pieces as well! The main idea was a play of black Marine pieces MS/SI, and it took me about a month (The 3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013, G-Fairies; 1st HM)

Three problems from autumn’2013, all inspired by Zabunov TT 2013 (the same as my No.400), with different transformations of initial batteries:

No.98 – October,2013 – Black half-battery transforms into two new Locust-specific batteries (KoBulChess – 2013, No.259)
No.99 – October,2013 – My lovely Chameleons in transformation of a black half-battery. I believe this is one of the best Chameleon-problems I have (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.102 – 03-Nov-2013 – Transformation of neutral half-battery, using Take&Make condition (StrateGems – 2014)

And November’s toy, miniature with Chameleons:

No.103 – 08-Nov-2013 – Light miniature, funny play of two neutral Chameleons, who jump away from their lines to return back in a new guise! (VARIANTIM – 2013)

Hope, you’ll like some of them! Thanks! – Julia

New Forum Content – 11.02.2014

new-forum-content11021411th of February, 2014

While Forum is not active enough, I believe I should turn your attention to the New Forum contents added! New posts to the Forum you can see on the right panel under Recent posts to Forum section (for a while I’ve moved it before the Recent Comments section). Your posts to the Forum are very welcome, as this way you can open some new topics which are out of my publications, but might be interesting to the others. 

You have to be registered on the site to be able to write posts in Forum! Use Guest Login Panel at the bottom of the right menu to register.

Merry Christmas – 2013!


Dear Friends,

I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you and to your families! Have a nice celebration tonight, and feel your Christmas Angel flying somewhere close to you, ready to support you and to make you happy!


While my Angels have decorated a Christmas Tree at home, I’ve decided to decorate the site with something from myself, and have chosen this little thingy recently composed. See No.463 – my lovely Locust piece in the first stalemate I’ve composed, with a Merry Christmas wishes to all of you!!

– Julia



Fairy Terms – a new look!

fairy-piecesFairy Terms – a new look!

Dear Friends, I’d like to present you a new look of Fairy Terms section! I know, I know, there’re really too few definitions yet, but I’ll try to improve the situation. What I’ve done these days is a new way of presentation, where the database is used for the definitions and a query form is added for you to make the search. For now I don’t plan to have as many definitions as possible, but at least the information about Fairy pieces and Fairy conditions presented in the Original Problems section of the site (in the both – English and Russian). 

In the new presentation by default you see the definitions of all pieces and conditions I have. Maybe in the future the default view should be changed. Next, you can either choose some concrete fairy piece or condition from drop-down menu, or to use “enter pattern” field to enter any part of the name (like submitting “locust” you will get “Locust”, “Rook-Locust”, “Bishop-Locust”). I’m thinking either alphabetical order for the results would be better?.. For now the order is more or less by the groups of related pieces. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions here! And please report if you’ll get any bugs!


My debut in WCCI 2010-2012

julia-skating1My debut in WCCI 2010-2012

It was my first participation in WCCI, and of course, I’m happy, and excited, and very interested in all results…. Everyone can imagine!

I’ve participated in Fairy section (judges: Juraj Lörinc, Franz Pachl, Petko Petkov, Tadashi Wakashima, Klaus Wenda), the place No.21 (considered a lucky number!) in the list of results, 29.50 points in total. →See the whole text with problems and scores!

Problems were ordered by my understanding which one is better, the judges views were a bit different. But I’m very happy that No.2 –  with my favorite Chameleon piece(!) – goes to FIDE Album!

Site’s sections 09.07.2013

jv-june2013 Dear Friends,

I have some comments for you about site’s sections:

  • Recently I’ve corrected a little Site INTRO, although it needs to have some more information I believe;
  • I wished to have a good Fairy Terms section, but seems like I have to declare that I’ll have there only the definitions for fairy elements used in Original Problems section;
  • Articles page is up to date and you’re always welcome to send your articles for publication;
  • My problems I’m trying to update from time to time (mostly for myself);
  • Original problems section is up to date, I’m trying to publish your problems the same day when receive;
  • Tourneys section is going to be changed a little – in the future I won’t show there an excerpts of the tourney announcements, but only the links to full announcements as it is shown for the last tourneys at the bottom part of the page; but the same time I’ll make a short post in site’s home about each new tourney added;
  • In Software section I have only information about programs I use myself; WinChloe‘s page is still unfinished;
  • Links I haven’t updated for a long time; if you wish your site to be added there – just send me an url and few words of description;
  • About me page I’ve finally translated into Russian;
  • Forum I’ve added long time ago to allow you to open new topics, not only to comment mine. For now it’s quite passive. But you’re welcome to try it!

Have a nice summer season! /Julia

News as of 23-May

jv-140513Dear Friends,

First of all I’d like to remind you that the 1st of June is very close – and it is the last day for submitting your problems to FIDE Album 2010-2012. See the Announcement at WFCC website!

And now I have a good and bad news:

• I’m happy to let you know that yesterday I’ve got from Juraj Brabec the Award for JF-2013-I informal tourney! There’re many awarded problems and about 7 pages of interesting comments written in a nice cosy style. Thanks a lot to Juraj for so fast judging!

• I’m sorry to tell you, that most probably you’ll see the award in the first days of June only, as I have to translate it from Russian into English, and to prepare for publication; but as a lazy student I haven’t prepared my selection for FIDE Album yet, and need some time now to do it. 

Looking at the silence here, I guess that many of you are busy with Album’s problems now. I wish you good luck in preparing your selections! And I’m waiting for your buy levitra professional activity here again! 


P.A.Petkov – changes in email address!!

May, 16th, 2013

Important message from Petko A. Petkov:

Dear Friends,

I’d like to inform you that due to some technical issues with company-provider my old email address doesn’t work starting 15-May-2013.

Please use the following two email addresses simultaneously:

Kind regards,
Petko Petkov
Director of FIDE-ALBUM 2010-2012 (fairy section)

End of JF-2013-I


30-April, 2013
The End of Informal Tourney JF-2013-I

Dear Friends,  today is the last day of the informal tourney Julia’sFairies-2013-I !

I will inform you later about the list of problems participating in this tourney (versions of one and the same problem, PG-problems will be excluded). The number of problems is close to 100 (from No.214 till No.310).

For now I’d like to tell THANKS A LOT to all participants and active commentators!

A special GRATITUDE to our judge, JURAJ BRABEC, for taking this big work! Dear Juraj, I wish you a pleasant judging!

And now all of you are welcome to participate in Julia’sFairies-2013-II: from 01-May-2013 till 31-Aug-2013.
Welcome to our judge of summer period – DIYAN KOSTADINOV !