You are welcome to download the new issue of Problemas, the bulletin of the Spanish Society of Chess Problemists (SEPA), at the Society’s web page:

The October 2013 issue consists of 24 pages and includes 17 articles with a total of 89 diagrams. We hope you’ll find it interesting! If you need further information feel free to get in touch with me. (Joaquim Crusats)

julia-redI’d like to comment this issue: it has a special meaning for me as it contains the first article I’ve written myself: “The Chameleon – a colorful piece to start off with” (pages 80-81). I’m thankful to Joaquim for the invitation to write it and I’m very grateful to Geoff Foster who always helps me with generic viagra england English correction! (Julia)

Site Updates 17-29.09.13


Updates as of 17th-29th of September, 2013:

  • (29.09) No.382, 383 – Kostěj Šoulivý – Two nonstandard four-men! Author considers them as independent problems. Warm welcome to Kostěj !
  • (28.09) No.381 – Karol Mlynka –  А four-men with surprising stalemates!
  • (27.09) No.379,380 – Václav Kotěšovec – Two excellent Miniatures in elegant style!
  • (26.09) No.378 – Paul Rãican –  A complicated for solving problem with interesting addition of  material on the board applying Sentinels condition!
  • (17.09) No.377 – Igor Kochulov – Interesting Duplex-HS#3 with Zilahi theme!

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III).
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

56th WCCC & 37th WCSC in Batumi!

56WCCC-logoThe 56th WCCC & 37th WCSC in Batumi
22nd-28th of September, 2013!

(29.09) Two new Awards available: Award 1° Azemmour and 4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013 ! Congratulations to the winners and participants!

(28.09) I don’t see any official announcement yet, but have heard that the next Congress will take place in BERN, Switzerland, in the end of August 2014. 

(27.09) Composing tourneys – almost nothing is published… I have only  11th Tzuika Award and VODKA TOURNEY – 2013 is published on A.Selivanov’s website.

(27.09) Problems & Solutions are added for Open Solving. WCSC results are published at WFCC website! Congratulations to the World Champion – Piotr Murdzia! To the team’s Champion –  Poland! And to all other medal winners and participants!!

(25.09) For now I know just two things about the Congress:  it was raining in Batumi the first days; and the results of Open Solving Tournament Batumi, 23rd September 2013, are just published at WFCC website! Congratulations to the winners – Ofer Comay and Arno Zude! And congratulations to all participants!

I wish to all participants of the meeting to have a great time in Georgia! Quick composing competition is waiting for you already tonight, and an Open solving competition the next morning will continue to keep you up! I wish a good luck to composers and solvers in these first competitions, I admire the ability of solvers to go through a very hard two days of WCSC on 24th-25th of September, I wish to all of us to be successful in the composing competitions announced for the 56th WCCC! 

I’d like to invite the participants of the Congress to send your comments and maybe some photos of the events – I’d be happy to publish them here!

Reminder – JF Marine TT

marine-tt-announcement-enDear Friends,

Let me remind you that just two weeks are left to submit your problems to  Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 

For more information about Marine pieces read also the articles by IGM Petko A. Petkov “Do you know the Marine Pieces?” – Part IPart IIPart III.


Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE.

Please send your problems till 24:00 September, 30th, 2013 by e-mail only to Julia,

The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website before the end of 2013. And I’ll try to send Prizes to the Prize Winners and Diplomas to the authors of awarded problems before Christmas! Good luck to everybody!

Site Updates-160913


Updates as of 16th of September, 2013:

  • (16.09) No.376 – Petko A. Petkov  – My lovely “horses” actively play in this wonderful birthday gift! I’m very touched and grateful to Petko!
  • (16.09) No.375 – Julia Vysotska – One and the same square is touched in each half-move! Looks like a toy, but also has a rich content not easy to comment. Fortunately finished on the night before my birthday!

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III).
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

Site Updates-120913


Updates as of the 7-12th of September, 2013:

  • (12.09) No.374 – Neal Turner – A very seldom fairy combination – SAT with Royal Grasshoppers – in s#! Welcome to Neal on Julia’s Fairies !!
  • (11.09) Author’s correction to solution and also a comment is added to No.372! 
  • (11.09) No.373 – Julia Vysotska – Parrying double check to the black King with the one black piece which simultaneously gives mate to the white King. The idea was inspired by the theme of Juraj Lörinc 40 JT, but in the opposite to it, my black piece is not pinned and can parry double check.
  • (10.09) No.372 – James Quah – 4-fold Djurasevic theme! Warm welcome to James!
  • (07.09) No.371 – Geoff Foster – An aristocratic octet with three nice solutions! Author writes that this problem was inspired by No.359 and No.359.1

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III).
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

Site Updates-040913


Updates as of the 4th of September, 2013:

  • (04.09) No.359.1 – Pierre Tritten & Nikola Predrag – An interesting version to No.359 with a non-standard board! Published after comments to No.359. Although, this version is published after end of term for JF-2013/II, it was shown in the comments almost in time, and I believe it might be related to that tournament. Objections are accepted till the end of September.
  • (04.09) No.370 – Michal Dragoun & Ladislav Salai jr. –  Very interesting anti-batteries with a nice activity of the both Kings! Welcome to the both authors with their first publication at Julia’s Fairies!

Now there are four sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) with all problems of January-April, 2013; Julia’sFairies-2013(II) with all problems of May-August, 2013; Julia’sFairies-2013(III) will contain problems of September-December, 2013.
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber