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  1. Sven Trommler пишет:

    Dear Julia,

    It is very interesting to study your compositions. I have the impression that there is a great influence from Petko on your work. (By the way I like this art of compositons.)
    I wish you a great success in your first thematic tourney and I try to compose a good one in order to take part in.

    Best wishes


    • JuliaJulia пишет:

      Dear Sven,

      Thank you very much for your message! I’ll appreciate your participation in the tourney a lot!
      Also, I’d like to invite you to send some problems for the site.

      About Mr.Petkov: I admire his talent and his wish to share his knowledge, I learn fairy pieces and conditions from Petko’s materials, and I’m trying to follow his aesthetic principles in my works. It’s good if it is visible!

      I’ve written it several times, but using this chance I’d like to mention it again for everyone: Mr.Petkov will always help to those who would like to learn from him. I have several his articles at the site (and plan to add more) and everyone is very welcome to write questions and comments to him. Also, Mr.Petkov supports my “Original problems” section a lot, and everyone who is interested in his help or comments about the improvements of the problems is very welcome to send problems and to write questions.

      Myself I like the art of composition a lot. I’ll try to do my best in learning, in composing… I’d like to make this site as good as possible for everyone who is interested in fairy composition. This tourney is also a very new and exciting experience to me. I hope it will be successful and I’m very thankful to active participants of it!

      Welcome to participate in the tourney and please feel free to leave your comments at the site – these comments mean a lot to me.

      Thank you!

  2. seetharaman пишет:

    The tourney for Superguards problems (Seetharaman-64 Jubilee) is closing on March 18. Checking through Popeye is still not possible. Julia hadoffered to help for check with Winchloe, and had already helped some composers. Now Mr.Shankarram (India) has also offered to help checking with Winchloe. Intending Participants can contact him at Best of luck.

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