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Informal tournaments on JF: Fairy and Retro

Tournament Fairy/
From date To date Judge Award
JF-2012f2012-04-282012-12-31N.Shankar Ram->See the Award!
JF-2013-If2013-01-012013-04-30Juraj Brabec->See the Award!
JF-R2013-14r2013-01-012014-12-31Hans Gruber->See the Award!
JF-2013-IIf2013-05-012013-08-31Diyan Kostadinov
JF-2013-IIIf2013-09-012013-12-31Eric Huber->See the Award!
JF-2014-If2014-01-012014-04-30Vlaicu Crișan->See the Award!
JF-2014-IIf2014-05-012014-08-31Dmitri Turevski ->See the Award!
JF-2014-IIIf2014-09-012014-12-31Kjell Widlert->See the Award!
JF-2015-If2015-01-012015-06-30Kostas Prentos->See the Award!
JF-R2015-16r2015-01-012016-12-31Thomas Brand->See the Award!
JF-2015-IIf2015-07-012015-12-31Ofer Comay->See the Award!
JF-2016-If2016-01-012016-06-30Petko A. Petkov->See the Award!
JF-2016-IIf2016-07-012016-12-31Franz Pachl->See the Award!
JF-2017-If2017-01-012017-06-30Tadashi Wakashima
JF-R2017-18r2017-01-012018-12-31Dirk Borst->See the Award!
JF-1017-0318f2017-10-012018-03-31Shankar Ram->See the Award!
JF-2018-IIf2018-07-012018-12-31Kjell Widlert
JF-2019-If2019-01-012019-06-30Michal Dragoun->See the Award!
JF-R2019-20r2019-01-012020-12-31Vlaicu Crișan
JF-2019-IIf2019-07-012019-12-31Petko Petkov
JF-2020-If2020-01-012020-06-30Eric Huber


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